The Next step inwards is Focus 4 of consciousness. Once you have finished your physical world experience and have spent some time in F3 adjusting back to subjective reality again, you will at some point be ready to switch back to Primary Focus 4. F4 is where things really start getting interesting!

Once we engage with Focus 4, we become our 'Wider Selves'. I don't like using the term 'higher self' as you have no higher or lower self. You are you; it's just that you have focused your attention from your F4 perspective to a narrow F1 perspective for the purpose of experiencing the physical world. When you engage F4, you are engaging your full perspective once again.

Those whose Primary Focus is F4 have no form at all. They exist as energy essences, or what we might call a point of consciousness. I can't really tell you how many people are resident in F4, but it is certainly a huge number in human terms. I’m not sure how many people will remember the kids TV sci-fi series of about 30 years ago, or so. It was called Captain Scarlet and you had what were known as the Voice of the Mysterious. They were these mysterious beings that would talk to you out of nowhere. Well, that’s a bit like how it is communicating with people who live within Focus 4.

So what's Focus 4 like? Well, you need to realize that F4 is nothing like F1, F2 or F3. It's unique. You phase into what feels like a huge interconnecting communications network. In a way it’s like plugging your computer into the Internet. But you are plugging your mind into an infinite network of other minds. There is, of course, a LOT more to it than that. But in a nutshell that’s the simplest explanation I can come up with. While it is an exciting thing to do, I have to mention that it is not for the feint of heart, or for anyone who is not totally grounded in themselves mentally.

The “problem” you might say, is you can get to feeling like you have “lost your own mind”.

Thing is, we get so used to having only ourselves in mind. And communicating in this area is fully mind-to-mind. So what you do is merge your mind with another mind or minds (now multiple merging is really freaky, lol) and you communicate via thoughts, imagery, feelings, and so forth, in ways that are appropriate for the subject matter you are communicating about.

In a sense, though, it feels like someone is “invading” your mind, and the more egotistical parts of you may battle against it. With me it took about a hundred attempts before I became comfortable with the process.

The Graduates that Monroe talks about in his work about must surely be people who have adopted Focus 4 of consciousness as their Primary Focus. I can see no other explanation. I am also convinced that Monroe touched on Focus 4 quite a number of times during his experiences but for some reason the penny didn’t quite drop with him. With me, it was my frustration in my attempts to go “beyond” F27 of his model that led me into the discovering of Focus 4 of consciousness. Not that I actually saw it as Focus 4 at that time. The label came later. But it was obvious that the area was a completely different area to the Transition Area of focuses 23 through 27 of the Monroe model.

As I have said, there are many, many people resident within Focus 4. Pure energy essences you might call them, that you can tap into. These people are quite knowledgeable and do come across as kind of “god-like” you could say. But that’s only because they are subjective energy essences that exist primarily as a point of consciousness, so to speak. When we each (for want of a better word) “complete” our current movement through consciousness, or as Monroe was saying “graduate”, we too will reside within Focus 4 solely as an energy essence, or a point of consciousness. This is simply part and parcel of adopting Focus 4 as your Primary Focus, instead of Focus 1 or Focus 3. But I guess people in the past have just misunderstood what’s what.

If I had come across Focus 4 before Freda and Harath (my guides) had given me a detailed briefing of what to expect, then even I could well have mistaken my interactions as some kind of communication with divine being(s). Because that’s precisely the way they come across. They radiate a kind of energy that tends to turn you to emotional jelly. But they are not “gods” as such. The energy they radiate is merely a product of adopting Focus 4 as your primary focus. If any of us chose to do the same, we would radiate the same energetic signature. Well, that is what I am told. I won’t actually know until I try it myself, of course.

I should point out here that I have also discovered people in the Wider Reality who have adopted a kind of 'semi-F4' state; people in this state are kind of half in F4 and half out of it, so to speak. They can also come across as kind of 'god-like' if you come into contact them without knowing what's going on. Again, it's due to the energy signature.

The strange thing is, we actually are now resident as a point of consciousness within Focus 4. We have not in any way “left” Focus 4. What we have done is to adopt a different Primary Focus for the purposes of our experience. You can imagine it as one continuum of consciousness that extends, like a telephoto lens, if you like, from Focus 4 through to Focus 1. What we objectively view as “death” in subjective energy terms is an objective translation of the action of a person shifting their Primary Focus from Focus 1 to Focus 3. After your life within Focus 3 you, in a manner of speaking, die again, when you shift your Primary Focus from Focus 3 to Focus 4. And that completes your cycle, you could say.

Note: I have to be wary of using terms such as beginning or end, because when you are speaking within the context of Focus 4 these terms simply don’t exist. From the point of view of Focus 4, your life here is a movement that you initiate in consciousness for the purposes of your experience.

How Focus 4 fits in with the rest of our system:

As I have said before, we in our F4 states decided to create this physical universe (and lots of others besides), all for the purpose of allowing us varied opportunities for new experiences. When it comes to setting up a physical world system like our physical universe, certain “supply lines” and “structures” have to be put into place. Each physical world system has 3 basic areas of consciousness that ultimately “connect” to Focus 4. So the “main” area or ultimate creative source, is Focus 4. This area is common to all the physical worlds that are “connected” to it. Focus 4 is what you might call an “umbrella” area, and the other 3 areas of each physical world within our system are “nested” within that overall umbrella.

So say you had Focus 4 and 100 physical-world realities. Note: there are actually an infinite number of other physical-world realities within our whole system. But here let us say there are just 100.

Each physical reality has a Focus 1, obviously, because physical reality is Focus 1. So there are 100 Focus 1’s, together with 100 Focus 2’s and 100 Focus 3’s. Each of these areas is nested within one Focus 4.

The best way of thinking of Focus 4 in my opinion, is to think of it as the ultimate creative source of all that exists within our entire system. In other words, all the original plans, archetypes, models, etc., etc. of all the physical realities “connected” to Focus 4, are held within this area.

Focus 3 is a Transition Area that is reserved for people “returning” from their physical experience. People generally have to go through a period of shaking off all the belief constructs they brought into objective reality during their physical experience, to enable them to merge fully with the subjective reality of F4 again, at which point they can decide what to experience next. Focus 3 also has sections that serve as what could be termed areas of our “collective unconscious” but for our purposes, thinking of it as a Transition Area will suffice.

The original archetypes held in Focus 4, that are to do with all the potential states and probabilities possible within our particular physical dimension, are “downloaded” into Focus 2. What people then do is pick and choose whatever actions they fancy and “play” with them within their area of Focus 2.

Essentially, the action of doing this creates a pool of individual probabilities within Focus 2, and each person in question decides which of these probabilities to bring into objective reality, i.e. bring into Focus 1.

In other words, each individual creates their reality subjectively within Focus 2, and then they “insert” it into Focus 1 on an ongoing basis.

Please note: not all physical realities are built on the same basis. Not all physical realities, for example, incorporate emotions like we do. So the potential states and probabilities possible for other physical dimensions will naturally vary. Therefore, each physical reality will have a correspondingly different set of potential states and probabilities “downloaded” into their Focus 2 area. But the ultimate source for all these potential states and probabilities is Focus 4.

The 4 areas of consciousness are NOT distinctly separate. They are intertwined immeasurably, and each area is associated with particular actions, explorations, and/or movements in consciousness; while being fully connected to, and interacting with, each of the other areas.

Above all, I would say that there are two humongous challenges in thinking associated with Focus 4 of consciousness, as follows:

1) It is an area of purely subjective reality. So nothing actually exists as an objective observable form. To feel your whole sense of 'body' totally disintegrate is not something you forget in a hurry. This is why I do not recommend beginners attempt Phasing to focus 4. There are no 'dangers' don’t get me wrong. But the effects are mind blowing and I do not say this lightly. Seeing my whole physical life as a *concept* changed my outlook on life significantly overnight. The notion of *concepts* is one that you will have to fully grasp in order to make headway in F4. In F4, everything is to do with subjective concepts and F4 is the source of all concepts that eventually manifest in objective reality. You can decide to merge with the underlying subjective energy that forms the concept of anything you care to think of and experience being that thing, or more correctly, the concept of that thing. You can experience being the concept of a flower, a rock, a cloud, an ant, or a human being. For the really adventurous, you can also experience more abstract concepts, like being a sound (this is fun!), or a day of the week - that's right, you can experience the concept of 'Tuesday'! There is no end of concepts that you can engage with - I told you it was freaky!

2) It is an area of simultaneous time, as opposed to linear time that we experience within this physical reality. So everything that is about to happen, has happened and is happening, is all happening at once within the same moment (within infinity everything happens an infinite number of times). This means of course that there is no death, no beginning or ending: everything just IS. However at the same time, there is ever-expanding consciousness. Hey, it's hard to get your head around, but who said infinite reality and the prospect of ever expanding consciousness would be easy! It's all part of the fun!

Ultimately, sampling F4 consciousness can be a very rewarding experience when you get it right. Because then all your Wider Self is laid open for you and you can revel in the excitement and the enjoyment of it all. Stand transfixed by the sheer awesomeness of it all. Find out who you truly are. Know there is no death. Know that life is just one continuous cycle of knowing that has always been. Know that there is only ever-expanding consciousness. Engage the concept of Infinity. Become that concept within Focus 4 and you will never be the same person again. Imagine the sheer ecstasy of a million orgasms all happening at once. Those are the kind of sensations Focus 4 gives you, and that’s just scratching the surface!

Beyond Focus 4: other systems

I have been asked several times if there is anything 'beyond' Focus 4. The answer is, to my knowledge, within our particular system there are just 4 Primary areas. But consciousness doesn't end there. Consciousness is infinite. There may well be an infinite number of other systems either like ours or perhaps wildly different. Nobody to my knowledge knows anything about these potential other systems.

Monroe talks of 'Focus 34/35', but as I have said earlier, I believe that Monroe was experiencing something else. I believe his F35 experiences were actually relating to areas of our Wider Physical, where alternate physical dimensions (within our F1 to F4 system) seem to converge. Ha ha, no wonder I couldn't find it!

The interesting aspect about these other physical worlds within our system and the weird thing about them, is that they all occupy the same physical space. The actual characteristics of the different physical dimensions within our system can be wildly different but they all have this one thing in common, in that they occupy the same space. Anyhow, what 'separates' them, if you like, are these Trans-Dimensional areas in consciousness that allows each physical universe to overlay on one another.

Now, I have it on good authority that it IS possible to 'travel' between Trans-Dimensional areas; when I say travel I mean actual physical travel. It is also possible to do this non-physically as well, so I am told. So my theory is that these UFO sightings might in fact be a kind of 'bleed through' from another Trans-Dimensional area: an area that has people living within it who have already learned how to design some kind of craft with the ability to travel between physical dimensions.

Anyway, back to the potential for other systems outside of our own F1 to F4 model:

From reading Monroe's later work, I wonder where the heck he was sometimes. He was way out, but not in Focus 4 terms. There was something else. Seriously, I reckon he was about to attempt to step into *another* system of consciousness from Focus 3: entering into an 'Extra-Dimensional' state that is outside of our F1 to F4 system completely: that is what I have been trying to study for ages, the possibility of these Extra-Dimensional areas. I reckon that is why his physical was put at risk. Okay, I’m guessing now, I admit, but I am going to completely retrace his footsteps in the future.

If he were trying to enter another dimension totally, i.e. another system, then that is just incredible. That is not Focus 3, 4 or 5, that is just completely into the unknown...and I mean total unknown. Unless he was attempting to enter Focus 4 while holding a complete objective knowing of that fact. That would just be crazy. You’d just be short-circuiting every subjective energy circuit that ever was. I doubt anyone could have the objective will to do that; just too many natural laws against you.

I just wonder what on earth he found and what secrets there are still to be unlocked from Monroe. I’m going to begin again from page one and work through it until that final piece of the jigsaw falls into place.


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