1) Frank's findings on the concept of 'God'

2) Frank's discoveries concerning guides

3) Frank's findings concerning the concept of reincarnation

4) Frank on retrievals

5) Frank on alternative physical dimensions

6) Frank on the Energy System (chakras)

7) Frequently Asked Questions

1) Frank's findings on the concept of 'God'

People often ask about 'God' and if I have ever come across evidence of a god-like figure in the style of the Judeo-Christian/Islamic tradition or the more esoteric eastern variety. I have to say, in my opinion, that the familiar concepts of 'god' or indeed 'gods' are belief constructs that various peoples throughout human history have formulated to explain their reality. Plenty of people continue to subscribe to such ideas to this day and when they cross over to F3 they proceed to engage in the many 'belief system territories' with their Hollow Heavens and Hells and all the rest of it, as I have described earlier. Once they emerge from these areas they gravitate to the more free-thinking upper branches of F3 and people in these areas certainly do not subscribe to the traditional notions of 'god' that many people in the physical tend to think of. 

I do think a lot of these notions of gods and angels etc have come about by people who have made contact with those residing in our Wider Reality without knowing exactly what was happening. They then proceeded to interpret the situation according to their pre-defined beliefs. When we, from our F1 perspective, come across those who are living in F3 we can often mistake them for some kind of divine beings due to the energy signature that is given off by those who have adopted F3 as their Primary Focus. This energy can induce waves of emotion in us that can reduce us to tears of overpowering love. Often the folks in F3 will tone this energy down to in order to ease communication and you can certainly ask them to do this if you find the energy they radiate to be too overpowering. 

This effect is multiplied when you encounter people who have adopted F4 as their Primary Focus. The energies we are talking about at this point are truly awesome. To give you an idea, the energy given off by these people can reduce the most hardened, evil, serial killing cum chain saw-wielding baby killer into a blubbering wreck of emotional jelly in 3 seconds flat... and I'm not joking. 

So, again, if I had come across Focus 4 before Freda and Harath (my guides) had given me a detailed briefing of what to expect, then even I could well have mistaken my interactions as some kind of communication with divine being(s). Because that’s precisely the way they come across. They radiate a kind of energy that tends to turn you to emotional jelly. But they are not 'gods' as such. The energy they radiate is merely a product of adopting Focus 4 as your Primary Focus. If any of us chose to do the same, we would radiate the same energetic signature. 

Instead of what Monroe and company call Pure Unconditional Love - The Prime Energy of the universe, I think it is more correct to call this energy 'Pure Subjective Energy', the source of which, is Focus 4 of consciousness. I do not subscribe to the 'Unconditional Love' idea as it stems from a more poetic description of the underlying facts of the matter, which are all I am interested in. Pure Unconditional Love is more the effect that Pure Subjective Energy has on us when we encounter it, rather than the cause. The cause is Pure Subjective Energy. I should make very clear at this juncture, that many pieces of the Focus 4 jigsaw have yet to fall into place for me. In order to fill in the blanks, as it were, I agree there is the temptation to begin stretching the narrative. It would be a handy release if I did offer myself a degree of poetic license. But I am resisting this temptation entirely in favour of following a strictly scientific approach. Monroe (unfortunately in my view) did occasionally display a love for poetic metaphor and I am determined not to make that mistake. 

However, the energy essences that hold Focus 4 as their Primary Focus are not themselves responsible for the radiation of this Pure Subjective Energy, nor are they the source of this energy. They each are an energetic personality essence and, as such, they are a focus of this energy, just as we all are. The only real difference being between us and them, so to speak, is the Primary Focus we choose to hold. 

I have tried to find out where this Pure Subjective Energy comes from but no one appears to know. We obviously all evolved from it. Somehow this subjective energy became focused and developed into a kind of primary energetic personality essence and this is, I believe, what all the old mystical works are objectifying and calling 'god'. Now this primary energetic personality essence somehow began to develop into many, many individual focuses that somehow became us, and all we have created. But as to how it all began, originally - I don’t mean how the physical universe began - but how ALL of it began, I simply do not know. I think it never did begin. I think the subjective side of things have just always been, which is a pretty mind-blowing concept.

2) Frank's discoveries concerning guides 

I do subscribe to the concept of 'guides' in the loose sense of the word, although I tend to prefer the term 'helpers' as the former does carry a lot of mystical baggage which I tend to dislike. I did go through a phase where I thought all this guide stuff was nonsense. But my curiosity got the better of me and I thought well, let's give it a go. So I mentally dumped all my thoughts of it being just some kind of mystical nonsense and began projecting with an entirely open mind on the matter. 

I suspected that someone had been following me around on my astral journeys for a while but I could never nail anything down. Matters came to a head (as my guide knew they would) and one morning I just said something like, "Look, I know you've been following me around for a while now. So let's cut all this nonsense and just make yourself known." Which he did (as, again, he knew he eventually would). 

Since then I never looked back and I now wonder what I ever did without them. I've got two regulars, my main one Harath and there's this woman called Freda. 

Guides come from all manner of places. Also, they know all about the person they are attempting to interact with. So they tend to approach you in a manner suitable to you. With me, for example, Harath first began to stimulate my curiosity. Then he gave me the distinct impression someone was following me around and generally looking after my interests. Also, I found there are what I call, 'guides in passing'. I perceive them as people who just happened to sense I was having some difficulty and, as they were in the vicinity, they made a short detour to help me out. After which they just carry on with whatever it was they were doing. I've never actually seen these people, but I do sense them in the distance. 

From my experiences, I would say the first step to take is to become open to the whole idea. Then just ask for help in a small way first. Also, be specific. It's no use asking for help in general. 

Trust is very important too. People have this idea that the Astral is a really nasty place full of all kinds of devils and demons. Well, I've had my full share of scary moments on the lower branches of F3, but none of these frightful situations can harm you in any way. And none of these people have any real power except to scare you, and cause you to release fear, which instantly goes to creating and fueling all manner of scary circumstances that surround you. 

The plain and simple fact is, if you lend yourself open to the concept of guidance then there are many people non-physical who will give you a helping hand. 

If you are with a guide, they will not let you experience more than they know you can bear. Which means you can go ahead and experience whatever it is, fully in the knowledge that (however confusing it may appear at the time) you will be able to work through it eventually. 

As an example: One of my experiences was of being taken to a garden with children playing, all around. Some where lying sleeping in the shade of the trees who had been badly traumatized as a result of what they had experienced on the Physical. Eventually, they would awaken and learn how to play again. It turns out that one of those children, was me. 

Realization of this caused an instant and uncontrollable burst of emotion that is still within me even now. I can feel it, as I type, welling up at the sides of my head wanting to explode outwards into floods of tears. Quite why, I do not know. All I do know is I that need to keep working on solving the mystery of what this is about in a rational, logical manner. 

As I said, the term 'guide' should be used in the loose sense of the word because there are many people in F3 who will help you to varying degrees and who could be labeled 'guides' or 'helpers'. This is because F3 is generally full of helpful people! There are also quite specific people who will be taking an interest in your journey, let’s say. Members of what I call your 'non-physical family' who you can contact within the upper branches of F3. Sometimes, when you are exploring F3, you will come across all kinds of people who will greet you like an old friend and you haven’t the faintest idea who they are. But that’s just another thing you get used to. 

One important pointer concerning guides is this: With the whole guide thing you have to be very careful you don’t trip up over yourself and start creating various constructs within Focus 2 in order to fill the need for a 'guide'. Each of us has many, many different constructs or aspects of ourselves that we create within Focus 2 for all manner of purposes. People who subscribe to mystical belief constructs such as a 'higher selves' often meet these aspects they have created within Focus 2 in order to satisfy this purpose (not that they actually see it that way). As a general rule, you have to be very, very careful regarding Focus 2. It’s a real sneaky area that can catch you out if you are not careful. 

What about the appearance of guides? I find that guides, like many F3 people in their raw state (i.e. when they have not adopted their favorite human form), can come across as a ball of sparkly light (well, that's how I perceive it). You quickly get to recognize them because they radiate a loving kind of warmth, which initially makes you feel all humble and gooey inside. But you soon get used to it. They can also read your thoughts and they will approach you in a form they believe will be most pleasing for you. That is why, if you read other people's accounts of meeting guides, the style of approach will always tend to differ. This is why guides sometimes appear in forms of angels etc depending on the expectations of the individual. Sometimes this is due to the experiencer's own perception i.e. an overlay experience, but there is no doubt that guides themselves will often choose a form which they think you will be comfortable with or expect in some way. 

All in all, imagination plays a big role. If you relax your mind and imagine the circumstances in which you would most like to meet a guide, this will send out a powerful signal that you are ready to meet up. 

Guides will help you greatly in your exploration of the Wider Reality and they will help you to realize some astounding things. Concerning my regular guide Harath, I now know he is a future aspect of 'me' living in another physical-reality universe who came to find the 'me' living in this physical-reality universe. It's all absolutely incredible stuff. This brings me on to the concept of 'reincarnation', which I have discovered is a bit more complex than people have thought up until now.

3) Frank's findings concerning the concept of reincarnation 

Reincarnation is a confusing issue. I used to subscribe to the notion that we all lived sequential human lives, one after the other, as did Monroe. You will find that the standard concept of reincarnation runs through his work. However I have now come to the conclusion that this is not quite right. It is fair to say, from a Focus 4 perspective, that we all certainly do experience many, many human lives. The difference is, we don't experience them sequentially, we experience them all simultaneously. 

Focus 4 of consciousness holds what you might call our individual Primary Essence. Each individual is a focus of his or her Primary Essence. Stemming from each of our Primary Essences, if you like, are many, many other focuses. A person may have thousands of other focuses who are experiencing physical lives, both in our physical world and in many other physical dimensions too, but these other focuses are NOT us. But they are directly connected to us, if you like, as they are a focus of the same Primary Essence. 

We can MERGE with these other focuses as they are of the same Primary Essence and they can MERGE with us. When I say merge I mean we can search within us and experience them. They are, most certainly 'other lives' and other lives we can merge with and experience. But they are NOT us. They are other focuses of our Primary Essence. 

Again, within subjective reality there is NO time. There is no such thing as past and future. All is present. This aspect of subjective reality is one of the most misunderstood aspects and causes a LOT of confusion. I've said a number of times that all this is to do with the way these, what are called, Trans-Dimensional Areas in consciousness function. I've been studying them for a while and they are mighty complex to get to grips with. I still have not managed to suss them out, yet. 

But what people are calling 'past lives' are, in fact, encounters with other focuses of their Primary Essence. The basic mistake people make is they assume the other person is them. How can it not be them? People think to themselves, after all, they know SO much about them. They can sense them inside, so it must have been another life, they assume. Just like when people looked to the sun and tracked its movements. It was OBVIOUS the sun revolved around the earth. Of course, the sun does not actually move around the earth at all. Quite the opposite. In a similar vein, these people are assuming that the people they are merging with are them. But the people that we encounter within us, in this particular respect, are NOT us. They are other focuses of our Primary Essence that we can merge with. I have done this a number of times. All you need do is project to Focus 4 and all will become apparent to you. 

What people are calling 'past-life regression' is, in fact, a merging with another focus in the action of an F1/F4 overlay experience. But I actually doubt that even these are all true mergings with other focuses. It may just be people observing other people within Focus 3 and not understanding that there is even a Focus 3. 

There is a difference between merging and observing. When you merge with another focus you actually feel as if you have become that person. You haven't actually become them, all you have done is to merge with them. But it does feel like you have become them for the duration of the merging. Hence the reason why people mistakenly assume the other person was them at some stage. 

Again, there is NO TIME within subjective reality. I cannot stress this point too highly. It is the source of MUCH confusion and misunderstanding. 

It is fair to say that at least some of our physical focuses who are experiencing our physical dimension may be engaged in several different time-frames simultaneously, so in this sense and in this sense only, we, from where we are sitting in this time-frame, may have other focuses who are currently engaged in physical lives in our historical past and perhaps we can offer ourselves glimpses of their lives, seeing how we are sharing the same physical system. However, they are still experiencing their lives at the same time as we are experiencing ours. 

I am NOT saying that the people who are thinking they are connecting with 'past lives' are talking a complete load of BS. Nope, I am saying they are making the basic misassumption that they were once the other person. They are making the mistake of assuming their lives are occurring in a linear time framework. i.e. occurring in a sequential manner. In other words, that each life proceeds one after the other. Nope, all your focuses are living simultaneously and every one of your focuses is a different person. What 'connects' them all, if you like, is they are a focus of the same Primary Essence within Focus 4 of consciousness and that is what makes it possible to merge with them. You DO have other focuses that you can merge with, but they are NOT you. You are you and they are they. But people are SO transfixed with the notion of linear time they cannot think beyond it.

4) Frank on retrievals

I have talked about 'retrieval work' many times in the past. This is when people in F3 decide to dedicate time to helping those who are stuck in emotional loops and belief constructs lower down the F3 tree. These people are usually referred to as 'helpers'. There are also those who are currently physically engaged, yet have decided to do their bit to help those on the lower branches of F3. Their work is generally known as retrieval work. The author and afterlife researcher Bruce Moen is one such expert in the art of retrievals and his approach involves helping people to make use of an F1/F3 overlay approach which doesn’t involve a full focus switch to F3. 

I too have engaged in retrieval work from time to time, in the early days with the assistance and guidance of Harath (my guide). The idea is to try and contact those who are trapped in emotional loops (and such like) on the lower F3 branches and hand them over to the care of helpers who will take them to the various reception centers in the upper branches of F3. 

What follows is an account of my very first retrieval, just to give you an idea of what they are like: 

I had discussed trying retrievals with Harath in the past and one day he evidently felt that I was ready for it. Well, this is how it went: 


(I pick it up from initial contact with Harath) 

Your boy is in good hands [refers to the horse I lost] 

I have a perception of a white stallion, only he kept the black mane. Yeah, that would be typical. And the lower half still flops left, and the upper flops right, what a crazy horse. Thanks for letting me know. I might try and pay a visit sometime. 

So what's on the cards today Harry boy, sorry, Harath? 

You sure you are up for it, Frankie? 

Ah, so you *do* have a concept of revenge! Yeah, I'm up for it, but I'm not sure where I fit in. 

Just use your imagination and go with the flow. Remember, I'll be in the background to give you some pointers. 

Where are we going? 

Just over there and down a bit. 

What, er, how come we are already here? 

Because you came direct to me, I didn't come to you. You're still not used to reaching out directly yet, are you. I suppose it will take a while after your years of going around and around beforehand. 

Alright, cut the sarcasm: Mr. Almighty who only happens to have a million year advantage. Okay, so if you're so clever why do you need me? 

Technically, I don't. But your radiation is more suited to the task in hand and it gives you experience. 

What do you mean radiation? You don't seem to be radiating to me. Well, not any more than normal. 

That is because I tone it down, and you are getting more used to it. 

So what's it like when you are fully switched on then? 

You really want to see? 

Depends on whether I'll survive or not. 

Let's save that for some other time. We have work to do, come, follow me. 

It was like we traveled along a series of tunnels. I could have sworn we were underground somewhere. I couldn't see a thing as it was completely black so I hung on tight. After a short while we stopped. 

Harath, where are you, I can't see a darned thing. 

Be still, reach out to me and you'll sense where I am. 

I'm confused, I sense something awful here. The atmosphere makes me want to puke. Where the heck are we? There's some kind of pressure like we're under the earth. 

If you really must know, it's a mass grave. 

Ugh, you're not joking are you. You mean right now we're moving through heaps of rotting corpses. Yuk, that's disgusting. Couldn't you have found some damsel in distress we could rescue? 

Shhh, we're almost at the spot. Feel that? 

Hey, now you mention it, I do sense a kind of movement. There's something familiar but I can't get a fix on it. What do you reckon it is? Oh sh*t... Harath... something just wrapped itself around my legs. What do I do now? 

Pick it up 


Pick... It... Up 

Okay, okay, if you insist. 

As I reached down it became clear to me why the movement felt familiar. Taking hold of the object, I immediately recognized the form. It was human, probably no more that about 6 years of age. The body was trembling, using all it's strength to latch onto my legs. 

I managed to unhook its arms and bring the body up to chest level and held it tight with both arms. At which point the body became absolutely still. 

Right, let's go. 

Hey, Harath, for once we are in total agreement. 

We traveled back through the series of tunnels. Then there was a flash, and a feeling of acceleration like some afterburner just kicked in. Soon we came out of warp speed and began to slow. 

Suddenly we came to a halt. Harath knew that I'd had enough and took the form. He held it to his heart, and the child was instantly shrouded in a golden light. Harath moved his hands away and, instinctively, I went to reach out thinking the child would fall. But the form remained close to him, suspended and bathed by the light. 

That's quite a party trick you have there. 

Speaking of parties, weren't you thinking of going someplace else? 

Very funny, Harath, ha-ha-ha. Besides, there's no way they'd let me in looking like this and stinking of rotting flesh. 

You need to go back and get cleaned up. 

Yeah, cheers Harath. Got quite a few notes to make as well. Let's try something a bit more glamorous next time. What you say? 

I then returned to F1 and made notes. 


Hopefully this gives you an idea of the kind of thing that retrieval work involves. While this work can be highly rewarding, I should advise that it is not for the nervous. You WILL engage with some truly horrific circumstances: all the worst that humanity has to offer and then some. At the same time however, the satisfaction gained from rescuing someone from such horrific circumstances is its own reward.

5) Frank on alternative physical dimensions 

I have talked about the nature of our F1/physical world and the fact that there are MANY other physical universes too, all of which make up our system. Now, while I believe it may be possible in the future to construct some kind of vehicle to allow us to travel between these physical dimensions, it certainly is possible to travel between them non-physically and this is an area of research that I have only recently become involved in. 

I can report that I have recently traveled (non-physically) to see a planet in an alternative physical dimension, with the help of my guide, Harath. 

I am still at the very early stages of my research into the subject of alternate physical worlds so I'm sorry if my descriptions of this world come across as being a bit sketchy. It's just that I have only visited this other physical dimension four times so far and the first time I was simply too in awe to think properly. Also, Harath has taken me to the same area each time (the area where he once grew up) so I am not sure how representative this area is with the planet as a whole. 

Another difficulty putting a general spoke in the works is, because of the awesome nature of the experience, I'm finding it difficult to continually keep my thoughts and emotions in check. So I often experience reality fluctuations. 

From what I have gathered thus far: they have basically the same human form only they are of a smaller build than the average Anglo Saxon. I know there are male and female and they wear basic clothing. I don't know yet whether or not they have the ability to reproduce in a normal Earth sense, and I haven't seen any children. 

They have houses and streets similar to what we have. Only the material from which these are made differs from the normal steel, concrete, brick and glass structures we have here on Earth. I'm not sure about transportation. I haven't seen any cars or buses. As I say, they do have streets but the ones I have seen have no markings on them suggesting any kind of traffic instructions. Harath says they can transport themselves as necessary using genetically driven craft which I talk about further down. 

They appear not to have any kind of government or monetary system. While they can communicate by talking like we do, they are also in touch with each other on a telepathic or mind-to-mind level as well. They always talk to me verbally, however, as Harath says that is the custom. The people have always been happy to see me and expected my arrival. They smile and laugh just as we do, and they know about our existence here on Earth. 

As far as technology is concerned they are way more advanced than us. For example, their physical-matter appears to be genetically derived. The best I can currently describe it is, rather than manually constructing a house like we do using bricks, mortar, and so forth, they grow theirs out of various kinds of genetic material. 

This I admit sounds a bit daft because it conjures up images of planting a house-seed in a patch of soil somewhere, feeding and watering it each day encouraging it to grow. Yet as daft as that may sound, Harath assures me that *is* the basic principle. Though the actual technology, when put into practice, is way different. 

The planet is subject to a cycle of daylight and nightfall. I am not sure if they are subject to weather conditions in the same way we are, or whether they measure "time" like we do. On my first visit it was night-time and the area was lit by rows of lights which jutted out from the tops of the houses. But they have neither electricity nor light bulbs, as the light is generated genetically. 

I do have a pet theory that some so called 'UFO' reports you hear about might be actual craft created by people from other physical dimensions who have developed the ability to build a inter-dimensional vehicle. Perhaps I ought to make clear that UFO-sightings and the like, really don't interest me. The few bits and bobs I have read about over the years seem too far-fetched for words IMO. You know, all the stuff about the USA being in league with aliens and there's that Area-51 place. Plus all the conspiracy stuff. Okay, there may be an element of truth somewhere. But I reckon it has long-since been lost under layer-upon-layer of kak that's been produced over the years. 

But what I do find fascinating is the genetic technology they have on Harath's home planet. Just recently, on the subject of transportation, Harath has been explaining to me about how they have craft made from materials which are genetically derived. And at the heart of this craft is a kind of biological propulsion device. But much of what Harath is explaining goes way over my head. 

He tries to explain it simply by relating it to my experience of astral travel. We have the ability to utilize non-physical energies in order to 'travel' throughout the astral. Plus, we can do all manner of things besides. What he says is to imagine stripping away all the unwanted abilities, physical attributes, and so forth, and retain just the 'ability to astral travel' element. This is basically what they create, genetically, which forms the heart of their propulsion system. 

So, there does appear to be at least one other planetary civilization with the technology to transport themselves between universes. And the people I met there are very much aware of us here on Earth. At the moment my understanding is next to zilch. But I am starting to find this area of discovery quite fascinating (to say the least).

6) Frank on the Energy System (chakras) 

Much has been written about the physical body's energy system. The only problem is that there are so many belief constructs built around this, that it is difficult to know how much of it is true, if anything. 

I have experimented with my body's energy system for many years and I can say that the overall concept of a system of 'energy centers' or 'chakras' is a correct one. The problem is, there are so many belief constructs about them that this tends to confuse matters. For this reason I tend to use the term 'energy centers' rather than the word 'chakras' as the later is so heavily weighed down with eastern/new age baggage. 

I have found that we certainly do have an extensive energy system which is closely related to our physical bodies. This system features a series of energy centers based at different points along the length of the human body. In nature, creative energies tend to spin clockwise as we would call it, and I have observed that these bodily energy centers also rotate in a clockwise fashion. 

These energy centers are whorls of energetic movement, they are not fixed in stone. But you can imagine them as a kind of sphere in the approximate locations you see typically presented in chakra diagrams. They spin clockwise and are oriented such that they spin along the axis of the spine. 

The further up you go the faster they spin. It starts at the root (red) and you could think of this red center spinning at about 10 or 12 times a second. Then add that factor for each one going up. The strongest vibrational colour is, therefore, purple. This energy center has a strong directing influence on all the others. 

These energy centers are translated as different colours, as colour has different vibrational qualities that are affecting, in terms of energy, in different ways. Colour is a Truth, meaning there is a representation of colour within all dimensions. Energy has specific qualities that objectively translate in particular ways, and one of those ways in which we objectively view these particular differences or translations is in terms of colour. 

Each energy center is affecting of various functions of the body. But this is to be thought of, again, as not absolutely fixed in stone. This is because all the energy centers are affecting of each other to varying degrees. They are NOT acting in isolation, in the sense of each energy center doing their particular bit (as I have seen many websites trying to make out). They are all influencing of each other and all work in combination. But there is a particular accent placed on each center to the extent where a particular energy center could be said to be more influencing of certain factors over another. 

For the purposes of bodily healing, I have found that the energy center that is the most affecting is the 4th one up, which is the green or the heart center as it is often called. 

Basically, in my experience, the general notion of 'chakras' is correct but be careful about getting bogged down with all the belief constructs that have built up around our body's energy system.



What about when I pass away. I consider myself aware that the belief system territories do exist so I make my home in one of them but will I be able to visit them. For example let`s say one of my relatives is much more religious than I am. Lets say we both pass away and I go to place A and he goes to place B. Will I be able to go visit him/her?

I understand what you are getting at here but there are a couple of aspects of the process you might not be taking into account.

Firstly, while I fully respect the fact that it is your life and you are free to choose accordingly, you don't want to be looking to make your home in a belief-system region of the Astral (Focus levels 24, 25 & 26 in Monroe-speak). Thing is, you don’t want to be within the Astral: full stop. Take it from me, it really isn’t the place to be. 

The people who inhabit these places are nicknamed Flatlanders due to their failure to think multi-dimensionally. Their mix of beliefs and emotions causes their attention to become focussed or engrossed in a very local way. Imagine, say, a primitive island community in the middle of a huge ocean. Say also they've never seen a boat or a plane, or any other evidence humans exist apart from themselves. Chances are high they would believe they were the only humans alive. Yet beyond the horizon is a huge land-mass teeming with people living freedom-rich, high-technology lifestyles.

This is basically the same difference between the belief-system regions and the exchange territories. You see, it's not so much a case of you choosing to make your home in the belief-system regions. It's more a case of that "home" choosing you! So to have the degree of freedom you need in order to visit other people and/or places, you need to aim for the exchange territories. 

To do this you don’t have to drop your religious beliefs. There are zillions of people within the exchange territories with religious beliefs. You can even build your own church if you want. Or whatever else takes your fancy. In other words, being religious, per se, does not necessarily mean you end up in a belief-system region; as it’s not so much being religious; it’s being religious… and… sorely missing the point. 

Secondly, every person who is incarnate, in a sense, leads two distinct lives. 

During the hours people are awake on the Physical, each person's mind is operating through their respective physical body. As such, their primary focus of awareness tends to be concentrated on the physical environment to a high degree: the day-to-day accumulation of which forms our “physical life”. 

When a person is physically sleeping, however, the mind operates through a different body; a body which is of a non-physical nature. While we sleep, each person engages in activities within various non-physical environments: the nightly accumulation of which forms our “sleep life”. 

As an aside, I suspect this non-physical sleep-life aspect of a person is what Monroe called his: I-There. But I’m not entirely sure on that. 

The type of activities a person becomes engaged-in highly depends on their level of non-physical development. Problem is, due to the Mind Split effect it is easily possible for a person to have an active sleep-life and yet be largely unaware of it. 

It is an unfortunate fact that a large number of people, currently incarnate on this planet, have yet to develop the degree of realisation necessary in order for them to become aware of; familiarise themselves with; and subsequently cultivate this non-physical sleep-life aspect of their self. But, then again, I suppose that's one of the primary reasons why most of us are here. 

There is, however, a certain degree of bleed-through which people generally call dreams. Dreams have been subject to all manner of interpretations and subsequent misunderstandings in the past; and will no-doubt continue to be misinterpreted and/or misunderstood by the population at large, for a good while yet. 

When a person's physical body reaches the stage where it can no-longer function, the mind ceases to operate through the physical body and permanently withdraws from it. While there are a number of factors which can upset the transition, left to its own devices the mind simply continues to occupy the non-physical body it normally occupied; and continues to engage in activities it would normally engage in; while the (now defunct) physical body was asleep. 

A person, therefore, who previously became familiar with their non-physical sleep-life, will suffer far less stress and confusion following physical-body death; because, in a way, the Astral-projection transition is a *lot* like the physical-body death transition. This is why almost always when someone projects spontaneously they immediately think they have died; as it drags up memories of having experienced the death transition in previous lives. 

So, basically, a person who enters a belief-system region will do so because, chances are, that is the place where they spent their non-physical sleep-life for a time period prior to physical-body death. As I say, people generally just carry on doing what they normally did. (Note: This is also the basic reason why someone can die in a Physical sense and not realize it).


Are the 'exchange territories' the same as F27? or above it?

The non-physical realms are in a constant state of development. The progression and development we experience on the Physical is a reflection of that. Hence the region Monroe originally labelled Focus 27 has changed quite a bit since he first set foot there. The place is definitely expanding to the extent where you have the "old town" as it were, and the "new town" alongside it. That's about the best way I can describe it with words. 

The people occupying the "new town", from talking to quite a number of them, appear to have gone through many incarnations within the Physical and have developed to the extent where they realize what is going on in the general scheme of things. They are fully aware, and suffering no kind of trauma at all. Quite the opposite in fact. All the people I have met seem very happy with their new lifestyle and, from what I can see, have no particular desire to become physically incarnate again; which I can well understand as the quality of their lifestyle *far* exceeds that of the Physical. 

Obviously, because the place is so vast, it is difficult for me to know just how representative the data I have collected thus far is to the population and/or the region as a whole. But wherever I go I get the distinct impression these people have graduated in some way, and are now enjoying the new-found benefits and freedoms of having done so. 

Monroe said the earth-life system was formed with the intention of it being a huge learning process. I have a sneaking suspicion these people could well be modern-day graduates of Earth University. If so, I sure hope I'm due to graduate this time around.

The belief systems are not bad they are just locked into a certain way of thinking they don`t see the big picture. Is that correct?

People who became dogmatic about their religious beliefs while incarnate here, for example, often get caught. But people who developed their faith later in life, perhaps as a kind of comfort thing to offset fears about death, say, tend to pass through without a hitch. I've spoken to quite a number of these people many of whom said they were rather pleasantly surprised that there was truly such a thing as, "life after death" (as people generally describe it). 

Myself, I always found it an interesting paradox where the most fervently religious, the people most committed to their faith, generally make the slowest progression. Whereas a person who is more open-minded, more emotionally neutral, tends to make smooth headway.

Many people who get caught, for example, think they have died and gone to heaven. To them their experience is exquisite. No having to go to work every day; angels at your beck and call; 24-hour ambrosia delivery; and all that jazz. Problem is their growth is now stunted. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if they were at some proper level. But they are caught in a kind of Astral no man's land between 3rd and 4th density.


The exchange territories is what where someone see the big picture?

Yes, people there are "dead and proud of it" as I call them. All the people I spoke to thus far realise exactly where they are, and know they have been incarnate here. Plus, no-one seems to be in any hurry to leave. Quite the opposite. Everywhere I go there's building work going on. The people living there are free to travel to places, meet friends, etc. They can basically do all the things we can do only much, much more. The place looks so like our Physical environment in many ways. Which I suppose is hardly surprising as it seems the people there used to live here. In fact, so Physical-like is it I often have to remind myself I'm projecting!


I know that its possible for incarnate spirits to visit the belief system territories but if you go to a very religious one what do they perceive you as? I mean can you just blink in and they don`t realize it or do they think you are evil or what?

Where you say "incarnate spirits" I'm assuming you mean people, such as myself, who are Astral-projecting. If so, in my experience, the responses I have received are many and varied. Once you can control your projection experience to a high degree, it is possible to assume basically any form within the belief-system regions. 

This ability comes in handy for those who specialize in the retrieval side of things. Or if you are more like me then you'll find it ever so difficult to resist the temptation to play a practical joke or two. There are all kinds of, well, complete nutcases living in these regions. I came across a man once who really believed he was Jesus. He had a queue of people waiting for him to perform miracles together with his own church and stuff. The impulse to assume some form of "devil" was too much to resist. 

All kinds of war games are being enacted too. You can assume whatever side you wish and will, therefore, be treated accordingly. I always loved seeing the look of sheer surprise on people's faces when I'd approach them and they'd try and kill me by stabbing with a sword or shooting a gun and I'd just laugh. Though the ability to remain emotionally closed to such a high degree came in quite handy later when I went through a phase of doing retrievals.


What if you are discarnate spirit. Can you roam the different belief system territories at will or are you restricted. I mean like if I were to shed my physical shell and my wife did same and we went to different places. I am more open and believe in different things and she is very religious and goes to another place would I be able to visit her? She might be trapped in a certain dogma while I am free to explore?

Within non-physical realms you are automatically subject to the natural laws pertaining to the region you wish to inhabit. Throughout the ages mystics, et al, have maintained that in order to progress you have to be some kind of spiritually pure person; give all your money to the poor; pray x-number of times per day; and such like. This is not the case at all. Each individual is totally at liberty to make progress. The only restriction being the abilities of each individual to operate on the plane, region, density (call it what you will) in question. 

In many ways this progression is akin to the progression from being a child to an adult. For example, to drive a motor-car the child has to wait until he or she achieves a certain level of mental maturity before they can comprehend how to manipulate all the various levers whilst on the move. Likewise, operating within the various non-physical planes takes a certain degree of mental maturity and understanding. But no-one is in any way prevented from achieving this understanding. There are places where all the necessary knowledge and mental skill is freely taught and no-one is barred from attending. 

Generally, the natural progression is for a person to be working towards learning how to live on the "level" above them. In our case, we are currently living in 3rd density learning how to live within 4th density (C1 and Focus 27 respectively in Monroe-speak). 

A person who is living competently within 4th density can visit any region below them. This is because they must have obviously learnt all the various ground-rules which apply as they originally would have gravitated from these lower regions. 

When I say “living competently” I mean there are residents there who are living with assistance from others whose job it is to help people learn-the-ropes, so to speak. There are mini-communities which have been set-up where people can live amongst other newcomers so they won’t feel too much out of place. These communities tend to have a significant percentage of people who gravitated from belief-system regions. Either they winked-out by themselves or were retrieved by someone: perhaps a relative or other loved-one currently living in 4th density, often in conjunction with “helpers” Astral-projecting. 

At the other end of the scale, there are those who have been settled-in for quite a while and who are very comfortable with their freedom-rich lifestyle.


I have heard that time in the astral plane either is slower than regular physical time or time is just stopped.

There is no such thing as Time within non-physical realms. Plus, because there's no pressing need to earn a living to pay bills, and so forth, people there engage far more in all manner of recreational pursuits and/or fields of learning. 

Individuals who are born with what people generally call a "talent" for something - whatever that talent may be - chances are have developed their skills within the 4th Density Exchange Territories (4D ET's) prior to becoming incarnate within the Physical. 

Great sporting men and women, for example, within the Physical, will almost certainly have been great sporting men and women within the 4D ET's. It can even be the case that people choose to incarnate along the same timeline as their 4D competitors, so as to compete against them within 3D Physical. 

The same appplies in many fields: renowned architects, engineers, scientists, musicians, chemists, and so forth, within 3D-Physical, chances are will have been renowned for their architecture, engineering, science, music, medicine, etc., within the 4D ET's. This is one of the big advantages of conquering the difficulties posed by the 4D environment, thus being able to live comfortably within this dimension. 

The end goal of the whole process of enlightenment is learning how to operate equally comfortably and competently within multiple dimensions. The ability to do this brings a person ever greater degrees of freedom and a far wider range of lifestyle choices.


Frank, I notice you have been using the words "subjective" and "objective" a lot lately, and I am wondering if I am understanding you correctly. When I think of those words in the usual materialistic sense, I usually think of "subjective" as something that isn't real in the objective world, and thus isn't real at all. Now, having read writings where you say one of the rules is that everything you experience is "real", I realize that this isn't what you mean by the words.

Would another way of describing these 2 states be more akin to saying a subjective state is where you lack self-reflection?

The adoption of the terms "subjective" and "objective" followed the need for me to differentiate more correctly between physical and non-physical reality. When I say more correctly, I mean as compared to the wider reality. In my earlier work, this distinction was provided by the terms physical and astral. But it came to a point where these terms, when looked at against the background of my ever-widening knowledge, became meaningless. 

I understand fully where you are coming from because I have been through this stage of thought myself. Simply put, there is no part of a person’s reality that is not real. It’s like, for example, when beginners post on the forum the typical question, “Was this real or was it just a dream?” Against the wider reality, there is no such distinction. Understandably, beginners tend to base their thinking on the premise that the “real” reality is the physical, against which the “realness” of all other experiences is compared. This is a somewhat invalid comparison, but I can well understand why people do this. In the early years, I did the very same thing myself. 

People may view their dreamscape, and later on, they may view their physical circumstances. They are both reality. The only difference being in the presentation, i.e. two realities, each presented differently. There are many, many, many different dimensions of reality within consciousness. All of which are no more, or no less valid a reality, as physical reality. 

What was needed, therefore, was not a distinction for me in terms of “realness” of reality, but in terms that would spell out a distinction in relation to the two types of expressions of reality. That is to say, subjective expressions and objective expressions of reality, for it is ALL reality. The difference cannot, therefore, come down to a question of what is real and what isn’t (without incurring some *major* distortions in translation, of course). 

The primary difference, then, is in the expression of reality, not its “realness”. The two basic expressions of reality are subjective and objective. Because we are (currently) primarily physical, and physical reality is a virtually 100% objective state, then I tend to call physical reality objective reality. Reasons being while physical, we engage in an underlying agreement that we shall view the C1 focus state as a more or less entirely objective expression. But C1 focus is an objectification of an underlying pure subjective state (ultimately). 

The underlying pure subjective state is that of Essence or Self. This state is as pure a subjective a state as the physical is as pure an objective a state. In other words, the two could be said to be at the two extremes of the subjective/objective spectrum; where our current physical reality is virtually 100% objective… and Essence, is virtually 100% subjective. 

So, for example, if you decide to drop a little objectivity you will enter what Monroe labeled the Focus 10 state, say. Drop a little more objectivity and you will enter Focus 12, a little more and you enter…. etc., etc. Eventually, if you were to drop all notion of anything to do with objectiveness, you would experience your becoming pure Essence (again). I suppose you could say doing such would be the non-physical equivalent of “going home”. 

You see, that’s why the so-called “higher” states are not higher at all. They are just closer to the near 100% subjective state of Essence. Anyone can enter these states! You don’t have to give all your money to charity and live the life of a monk, or whatever. Though I am sure you can see where these primitive thoughts came from once you realize the truth of the process. Because the more a person would “latch onto” the physical, i.e. traditionally speaking, the more a person would be into money, sex, physical prowess, etc., the more difficult they would find it to release the levels of objectivity necessary in order to reach the more subjective states closer to Essence. 

However, once you permanently disengage physical focus (in traditional terms, when you die) a slightly different set of circumstances applies. By definition, you can no longer hold the state of being virtually 100% objective, i.e. the C1 state in Monroe terms. But… a person will still hold a kind of “legacy” of objectivity, if you like, from their experiences here. The notions of objectivity don’t immediately dissipate upon disengagement. In other words, a person’s ideas about objective reality take some time to go away.  

This is the reason why the same mechanisms governing physical reality are generally replicated up until Focus-27. Reason being, Focus-27 is the “end” of the Transition Area of consciousness (which I labeled my-focus 3) that has been expressly laid out for the purposes of our re-engagement within subjective reality; following our intense objective-reality experience here. 

This is also the reason why the focus-metaphor does in fact lose its value “after” Focus-27. Simply because the subjective element starts becoming too prevalent and, in a manner of speaking, too many realities start being incorporated at once to be identified as any one particular focus level. You see, the very notion of the expression of the term “any one focus level”, necessitates the involvement of a fairly high degree of objectivity that by mere definition is simply not present in the more subjective states. 

I feel the main problem people have in shifting focus is their physical body in particular their feeling of it. The key is to concentrate on shifting focus within you; in the sense that what you do is create a kind of duplicate reality within the realms of your imagination which serves to draw your attention away from the physical proper. This puts you a few rungs up the ladder, so to speak, to the extent where taking the next hop isn’t all that difficult. 

I often think this whole thing is a *lot* simpler than most people realize, and as a result they keep missing it. They try going down the traditional mystical roads of “separation” and “out of body” and all that jazz, and when that doesn’t work, they turn to dream analysis; which is simpler in a sense, but just as tricky in other respects. When all you really need is to create that scenario within yourself, and be happy with it, and trust yourself that you are really doing it. Because there is no separation within consciousness.


Frank, can you talk about the subject of reality creation and the interaction between F2 and F1 of consciousness?

The simple fact is, that the physical is what is known as a source/manifest system. The source of all individual actions in consciousness, in terms of the Phasing model, is Focus 2. The manifest actions come about within Focus 1. It gets a little more complex with group actions as Focus 3 starts coming into play to an extent and the ultimate source, or the blueprints of all actions in consciousness within our system is Focus 4. But that is all quite complex, and people don’t need to understand it all before they can make a start. 

So to begin, people who were attempting to align their thinking to the Phasing model of consciousness, if they would simply think of individual actions (for now) and think of the source as being Focus 2, and the actions of which are manifest within Focus 1. 

The Void can be thought of as a blank sheet of paper. Instead of writing or drawing on it, you superimpose your thoughts on it. The Void has no prejudices at all, it has no real “life of its own” so to speak. So whatever thoughts you superimpose on it will become manifest in the moment. Thinking about it, a modern-day term is long overdue. We can’t keep calling it the Void and 3D Blackness, as these terms fall way short, IMO. Plus, my pet term of “Wishing Well” is just way too girlie. So we need a nice macho name for it, LOL. 

Anyhow, the best way of perceiving the images presented is to create some kind of video screen. Doing this creates an overall element of being in control; as you can “stand back” from it all, and watch events being played on a screen rather than being immersed in them. If events come about that you don’t like, then it becomes a simple matter of “switching channels” on your “remote”. 

Unfortunately, in the past, people did not have this kind of handy visualization example, as there were no tellys, of course. So they ended up being immersed in all kinds of superstitious mumbo-jumbo. Once you get embroiled, it is extremely difficult to extricate yourself from the circumstances of it. 

Note: a number of times I have experimented with allowing circumstances to get very out of control by generating lots of fear, for example. That was actually quite a difficult thing for me to do as I kept laughing. But once I got myself being chased by a few giant tigers that seemed to do the trick, lol. It is surprising, actually, how you can readily get yourself “caught” in circumstances where you appear “trapped” and you can’t get out of it! 

Give it a go yourself, just for the experience, and you’ll see what I mean. But I would stress to anyone else reading this, you need to be fully comfortable in your own mind before playing around in this way, as it can be very unsettling *if* you are not entirely confident about what you are doing. But I do suggest people practice letting circumstances get “out of control” so it gives them an idea of where all the talk of devils and demons came from, lol. 

But, as I say, the very best way of protecting yourself from becoming immersed in the circumstances is to bring them up “on screen” as it were. 

All we are basically doing here is having a highly controlled “lucid dream” where absolutely every element of our dreamscape is under our control. The Void is part of F2oC, in a manner of speaking, and this is also the area of consciousness where most people do their dreaming. You can think of an ordinary dream as the action of entering the Void, if you like, but with no real degree of conscious control. This is where people are just wandering about and releasing a huge mix of thoughts and feelings and it’s all becoming manifest all around them, moment by moment, as they do so. 

Once you start getting an understanding of the Void, great chunks of knowledge starts falling into place and you begin realizing how our system is constructed. Well, that is what happened with me. 

The Void can be thought of as raw consciousness if you like. You will no-doubt have heard me talk about “actions in consciousness”. Well, what we perceive as “Void” is, in fact, raw consciousness, for want of a better term. Or you might think of it as the ultimate Base Material from which everything is ultimately constructed. 

Void has many uses. For example, it holds all manner of individual and group constructs. One of the most popular actions it performs is that of memory, particularly what we call our short-term memory. When we want to remember something we are merely impressing those thoughts within a personal section of Void. You can also “travel” within areas of the void you have set aside for individual use, for example. All your core belief constructs are held there. You can also manifest the objective actions of belief constructs such as “astral travel”. Or whatever else takes your fancy: fighting with devils and demons, slaying dragons, and all manner of stuff. You can chat to “god” or to the “devil” or to any construct you happen to subscribe to. There are no limits. If you want to bring these constructs into objective reality you can. As I say, there are no ultimate  limits. The only “limits” are the ones we place on ourselves for the purposes of our experience. 

One handy metaphor I use for how Void is set up, is it’s like a computer and computer memory. Some of the memory is taken up by the actual system, which goes to ultimately objectively displaying information on a screen (this is your physical life). Then you have a spare section of memory that can be used for ad-hoc tasks (this is what we perceive as Void). Then, say, you had a top-section of memory that was connected to everyone else’s top-section of memory that formed a part of memory that was common to all. In this top section was held all manner of group constructs, or group actions in consciousness. The details of all these actions are available to you, and you can choose which of them to “bring into” your personal area for ultimate manifestation on the screen, i.e. into your physical reality. 

The memory part taken up by the system, so to speak, are your personal areas where you hold all manner of information about actions in consciousness pertaining to your own self; the workings of your own physical body, your beliefs, your memory, your personality traits, habits, likes and dislikes, and so on. All these private actions-in-consciousness are held in a “used” or “reserved” section of Void that pertains to you as a physical individual, and this used area opens out into an unused area, or consciousness “workspace” if you like. 

In its entirety, that is all Focus 2 of consciousness. 

The personal, unused area opens out into a group area. When religious types, particularly new-age religious subscribers talk about all of us “being one”. Essentially, they are talking about our group connection that “begins” at Focus 3 of consciousness. We are not “all one” as we retain our individuality throughout. But we are not as disconnected as it would appear in our physical lives either. Again, I think of it in computer terms. If I connect my computer to the Internet, I still retain the individuality of my machine! Even though I can now “dip into” the areas of group computer memory that have been made available for that purpose. In doing so, I may choose to download certain information and store it in an area of memory on my machine for private use. 

We human beings are remarkably similar. Both you and I are individuals, but we are connected to a variety of group constructs that have been made available for our group use. Ultimately, we can choose to “download” this information and bring it into our physical manifestation or not. With most people, however, and that includes you and I, this process is largely automatic as it is highly influenced by peer-group behaviour, together with other social factors. 

Changing your future reality, then, is all a question of generating new probable actions, rather than continuing with existing actions or subscribing to other group actions. In a sense, you begin to “pave your own way” by creating your own probable actions within your blank workspace. Which is the place mystics call the Void. 

Note: any action generated within F2oC that has not been manifest into F1oC is known as a probable action. 

Then you allow these probable actions to bleed into your physical life. Which sounds real easy in theory, but in practice you are battling against all the deeply held, long-standing belief constructs that you already hold in your individual “system” areas. These beliefs are highly influencing of your perception. The intransigent nature of these actions unfortunately tends to override anything you try and put in their place. But once you know about how the system works, together with what factors influence what, you can then form a kind of “action plan” that allows you to make gradual inroads into yourself. 

The Void continues on and forms the Transition Area. This is where we “go to” when we die, or rather, permanently disengage physical focus. This is the area mystics generally call the Afterlife. All it is, is a section of Void we have reserved for our particular use of engaging transition back into subjective reality. This, in terms of the Phasing Model, is Focus 3. And the subjective reality we eventually “go back” to is Focus 4. 

And that completes the model of our system. 

As I have said before, these Focuses are NOT places! They are focuses of attention. We already “occupy” these areas. They are of our own mind, so to speak. They are not, in any way, separate from ourselves. They ARE ourselves, but in a wider sense. It’s just that there are parts of ourselves that we “occupy” as a singular construct and there are parts of ourselves that we occupy as a group construct. So when you find yourself within the 3D Blackness, you are not at some separate place. You are still within your own mind. All that has changed is your focus of attention. 

Okay, well, that’s a summary as brief as I can make it. Problem is the subject of reality creation and the interaction between F2 and F1 of consciousness is a complex topic. In other words, it’s not something you can readily explain within the boundaries of a post to a thread. But I hope I’ve given you a good overview of the process so you can have a “play”.


Could you please give me a definition of 'higher self'?

Higher Self is many things to many people. Whatever people choose to believe is their business, of course. But, ultimately, Higher Self is a mystical and/or religious belief construct. 

People who adhere to the more traditional mystical models tend to think in terms of "higher" and "lower" in consciousness. Like there are “higher beings” and stuff like that. But in truth, there is no such thing... consciousness is not higher or lower, it just IS. Unfortunately, what people in the main have yet to realize is that if you are going to talk in terms of higher and lower, then we are ALREADY our highest expression of Self. But thousands of years of religious conditioning is not going to go away overnight. 

In the past, people have created actions in consciousness, such as “higher self” and “gods” and such like, to the extent where they have become what are known as Group Constructs. These group constructs are lodged within the area of Focus 2 of consciousness, in an individual sense, and en masse within a particular “layer” of Focus 3. 

Many of these constructs keep being repeatedly played out both within Focus 1oC and, following disengagement from physical focus, Focus 3oC. 

Within F3oC you can view all manner of people engaged in the old heaven/hell constructs. But because people today are now "dying" with different ideas about what is going to happen to them, you can see all manner of other circumstances besides. 

When people talk about notions such as “higher self” or “higher beings” what they really mean (although most people don’t actually know what they really mean, as they just read about it and subscribed to the belief) are people resident within Focus 4 of consciousness. This is a purely subjective area of consciousness and, if you are not careful, all manner of distortions in energy translation can take place. You’ll start seeing angels and gods and stuff, lol. Which is whacky, it's wild and a whole lot of fun. But not something that is meant to be taken literally. They are just distortions in energy translation between the purely subjective and the objective. 

Focus 4 of consciousness is the very source of all that exists within our total system. The energetic blueprints or archetypes of all possible actions in consciousness are “stored” there. This is basically why people have misunderstood over the years and thought of an almighty creator that creates every “thing” on the planet. Well, in a sense they are right *if* you hold out a huge allowance for their limited viewpoint, and people’s ever-present tendency to objectify every subjective phenomenon they come across. 

Every “thing” or action-in-consciousness that we engage on our planet does, in fact, have a particular subjective “source” yes. This is because we are known as a, "source/manifest system". The subjective source of the objective actions pertaining to the creation of any one individual, is Focus 2 of consciousness. 

However, the ultimate source, or the actual "blueprints" for all possible actions in consciousness that can possibly be brought about within our physical reality, is Focus 4 of consciousness. 

So when people talk of “god” what they really mean is Focus 4oC, which they have objectified as people tend to do (but I guess there is no telling them that, of course!) This area of consciousness is the ultimate source of ALL actions in consciousness within our system. Therefore, your own actions will have their source there as well. Hence the reason why some people subscribe to the idea of a “higher self” as a notion of some kind of “source” pertaining to the person. 

Within Focus 4 of consciousness is also where you can find all your “connections” to your other focuses, which will be resident within other physical realities within our system. There are a huge number of other physical realities and you will have many, many other focuses resident within them. This has led many mystics to believe in the idea of your Higher Self being a kind of “collective entity” that somehow encompasses all of your focuses. 

Some mystics even take this notion a stage further saying that, at present, i.e. while physical, you are a kind of “fragment” of some kind of “whole”. Then, when you die, you kind of become “one” again and “rejoin” this all-encompassing whole entity or Higher Self. This is, of course, a complete load of dingo droppings. But I do, of course, very much understand why these people have come to these kinds of conclusions over the years. 

Some more modern-day mystics have even taken this contorted notion yet a stage further. To the extent where, they are claiming that when your “final” incarnation is complete, you “gather together” all the various “fragments” of yourself. Then the whole of you, sort of, comes together within a kind of huge “mothership of beingness” and off you travel to your next adventure. This is, again, just yet more dingo droppings. 

What the people who subscribe to these notions all completely fail to take account of, is the rather significant matter of Simultaneous Time that exists within subjective consciousness. To grasp the notion of Simultaneous Time, in your thinking you have to get a good grasp of the idea of Infinity. You see, everything that ever will be, has already been. Because in infinity, everything happens an infinite number of times. 

In infinity, notions such as Beginning and End are meaningless. That is why I always chuckle when I hear people talk about consciousness “expanding”. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. Consciousness already encompasses all that is. There is nothing consciousness could possibly “expand” into, therefore, that it would not already encompass. We may well consider ourselves to be expanding, but we are expanding within consciousness. Consciousness itself is not expanding. Consciousness is how it has always been, and is how it always will be... infinite. 

There are no boundaries or limitations within consciousness. The only limitations that exist are those we place for the purposes of our experience. Which is all very well, no harm in doing that I suppose, but major difficulties arise when people subscribe to beliefs about consciousness (and the way we set up particular areas within our system) that don't actually concur with what really takes place.


Negativity happens. What do you do when it happens to you? What do you do when it affects you in a way you MUST notice and take some sort of measure?

Negativity is not something that happens to you. You are stepping into victim consciousness and rendering yourself open to the other person as the perpetrator, therefore, lending energy to the construct. So the "negativity" as you call it, is something you are creating. 

As a general rule, a person creates in their future what they concentrate upon in the Now. 

Our physical reality did not come about by chance. This reality is formed from a blueprint that is located within focus 2 of consciousness. This blueprint holds the core concepts that are the source of all the myriad of social structures that are present in our physical world. 

One core concept that we hold is that of Social Justice. Stemming from that core concept is the primary belief construct of victim/perpetrator. Our whole sense of "social justice" is, therefore, built upon this construct, which penetrates every area of our physical existence. Because this primary construct is sitting at the very heart of virtually everyone’s inner belief structures, virtually everyone holds an alignment with expressions such as good and bad, right and wrong, victim and perpetrator, and so forth. 

In viewing yourself as victim, you are aligning with the other person as perpetrator. As such, you are both motivating yourselves in your respective movements in consciousness, in what might be termed different directions, but both in cooperation with each other. In other words, when looked at against the wider reality, what you are engaged in is a choice for your experience. 

This is why I always say that being “spiritual” has nothing whatever to do with giving all your money to charity and spending the rest of your life in some dreamy reverie about all is good and light. Quite the opposite I would say. Spirituality is about recognizing yourself for who you are, in a wider sense. 

Spirituality is about going beyond previous belief constraints and seeing reality for what it is, rather than what you believe it to be. Once you do that you are naturally able to see other people for what and who they are too, rather than what you “judge” them to be. 

About subjective vs objective reality and what we usually term the astral. I am still not completely sure I understand all this theme. If it is the case that all of our astral experiences are 'objective interpretations' of subjective reality, does it then follow that if we try to minimise our expectations as much as possible so as not to create scenarios, then we may experience the genuine 'astral' enviroment itself ie an underlying subjective reality which is not distorted by our own expectations?

Very interesting question and I think a complete answer to the question you raise would take many, many pages of explanation. But within the space constraints of here, my response to the guts of what I gauge you are saying is, as follows: 

The problem is all of us are in the midst of a consciousness “shift” which will take place over next 30 or 40 years. As a race, we are about to take our thinking onto a new level, so to speak. Now, with a relatively small number of people, this shift has already taken place. However, many people have yet to even grasp the basics, and everyone else is somewhere inbetween. 

For people who have already largely made the shift in thinking, or for people like me who are well on their way, life becomes in a way “split” between two modes of thinking. In order to interact with people who haven’t yet made the shift, they actually have to revert to speaking and thinking in an entirely different set of terms. This is not difficult, of course, as it is just a case of going back to the “old way” for the duration of the interaction. This difference in terms I, personally, call speaking in “conventional terms” for the old way, and speaking in “unconventional terms” for the new way. 

In a sense, it is like when decimalization came about in the UK. Off the top of my head, I think it was in 1969. For about 15 years after we lived with the notion of “old pence” and “new pence”. A similar situation exists in France now, where you get the main total of any purchase in Euros and the equivalent total in French Francs. Many elderly people still think in Francs and they translate the Euro total into Francs in their thinking. So as I am sure you can readily grasp, that’s the way it is with any kind of “shift” or change in thinking that occurs en masse. There is always a transition period where we juggle the old terms or the old way, with the new, and people are translating between them.  

The same basic idea applies only this time we are not moving into using a different currency, we are shifting the very basis of our thinking. Essentially, we are shifting from engaging within victim/perpetrator constructs to engaging self-determination as a reality. 

So holding the idea of transition in mind: 

We form our reality from various core concepts. Each of these core concepts are held under one umbrella concept, which is the overriding entirety we call Truth. We cannot, however, engage Truth directly as a concept. Truth is a compound concept that is formed from the total engagement of all other concepts, constructs, ideals, etc. that are taking place within physical reality at any one time period or “age”. 

Truth, if you like, could be thought of as a core concept that is held as the ultimate ideal. 

Each core concept is as “important” as any other by mere definition, as they are all core concepts. But if I were pushed to say the main one, it would be the concept of Social Justice and I shall use this core concept as an example here. But please bear in mind a similar situation applies with all core concepts and they all entwine with each other. 

Now, stemming out from each core concept is a multiplicity of belief constructs attach to the central core concept in question. Some belief constructs are very affecting and, therefore, stem from the centre of the core, and others are what you might call sub-concepts that stem from other concepts. And you have major sub-concepts and minor sub-concepts, etc. All of which ultimately forms a huge interdimensional web of physical reality that we call our physical-life system. 

The concepts are lodged within an area I call Focus-2 of consciousness. Essentially, Focus-2 of consciousness is what might be termed the sub-conscious; but I dislike that term as it’s like the term Chakra, and others like it, where you have ever so many belief constructs attached to the term and many of them are conflicting, or just simply wrong, or only half right, or whatever else inbetween. It’s a mish-mash in other words. So in describing areas of consciousness I very much prefer to switch to unconventional terms, as they describe both the nature and the areas of consciousness far more clearly and accurately. 

Perhaps one of the most misleading aspects about the conventional term, sub-conscious is in the way it is typically related to an individual. Many people think of it as an individual sub-conscious that is somehow lodged in some hidden area of their brain that science has yet to uncover. When the sub-conscious is actually a common area of consciousness that we are all subjectively connected to. 

Anyhow, as I say, all these core concepts and constructs are lodged within Focus-2 of consciousness. Depending upon which belief constructs we might happen to subscribe to, determines which of these constructs we choose to “bring into life” within the physical. It is entirely our choice, but that is speaking in very unconventional terms. 

Very few people, relatively speaking, understand how we form our reality. Most people are open to the idea in a limited sense. For example, in conventional terms, if you put to someone the idea of getting a better-paid job and subsequently enjoying an enhanced standard of living, as an instance of a person creating the new reality of greater wealth, then I am sure most people would agree this is a situation where a person can create their reality. 

However, we create ALL our reality. That means every individual creates his or her own reality. No-one co-creates with anyone. We are the very definition of Self Determination. But as yet very few individuals hold an objective understanding of that fact and it is having that objective understanding, which makes all the difference. 

Each of us holds a pure desire for expansion of Self through experience. So we create these physical worlds and we place artificial barriers between here and there, and we separate ourselves into what we see as individual focuses of Essence or Soul, or Spirit (whatever terminology you subscribe to). 

So, taking the experience of the core concept of Social Justice: 

Stemming from this concept is the primary belief construct of Right and Wrong, and allied to this, of course, is the concept of Victim and Perpetrator. All of these conceptual structures are interwoven with the concept of “ideals” and we hold all manner of ideals together with a huge number of belief constructs attached, all of which come under the umbrella concept of Truth, which is held as a kind of ultimate ideal. 

So we set all this structure in place and, to retain the purity of the Game, we place a big artificial barrier between here and there, then we start playing the Game of Social Justice based on the primary belief construct of Right and Wrong. To make the Game interesting we create a world where emotional energy predominates and we create a wide variety of situations; such as different skin colours, different races, different countries, vastly different socio-political and socio-economic structures, etc., all within one small physical-life system, and we set the whole thing in motion and see what happens. 

To add greater spice, we mix this with a wide variety of other core concepts that create “basic needs” and we make a number of these basic needs of a finite nature. We couple this to the core concept of Time and we give our physical body a certain “lifespan” so we always tend to be operating under the impression that time is “running out” (lol). 

But against the background of the wider reality, there is no Right and Wrong, nothing is Finite, no Time is running out. It’s just us exploring the concept of Social Justice, along with a myriad of other core concepts and subsequent belief constructs, within this physical-life system. All of which we created for this specific purpose. 

Problem is, for the purity of the experience “the barrier” has to remain in place. Otherwise, people would not be so convinced. Anyone penetrating that barrier while immersed within this reality would immediately see that it’s all a Game. They would realize, for example, that there are many other physical worlds that we have created in order to explore all manner of core concepts and this is just one of them. 

Now, quite a number of people have penetrated the barrier to a certain extent. But they do so from the position of still being immersed in the Game. In other words, they see the non-physical realms they are accessing as a means of extending their current Game play. So the ongoing struggle between Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, etc. is extended to take place within not only Focus-1 of consciousness (the physical) but Focus-2 of consciousness also. Which, personally, I find a particularly interesting development. 

Within Focus-1 of consciousness this game play is, of course, quite real. 

However, once a person has penetrated the barrier and has realised that it is all game-play then all the fun goes out of it. I suppose it becomes the equivalent of reading a murder mystery novel when you already know the whole plot. It rather takes the fun out of it, and you want to move on and try something else. This is what is set to happen with us lot over the next 30 or 40 years. 

Instead, we will enter into a New Age, and this is the true definition of New Age (not the current touchy-feely stuff) of engaging Self Determination as a reality. 

It has been happening for a while, but events are gathering pace more quickly now and will progressively accelerate over the coming decades. During which time, people are steadily going to realize that we in fact create all our reality. 

Under such circumstances, therefore, there can be no victims or perpetrators! Our whole notion of “conflict” and “disease” for example, is founded upon the concept of Victim and Perpetrator. So steadily, as more and more of us engage in the core concept of Self Determination as an objective reality, there will be progressively fewer conflicts and diseases. There will be a myriad of other changes too. For example, all the religious and mystical belief structures will fall away to reveal a new Truth (thankfully).


When you die, do you just say, ok I want another incarnation now, and then choose what life you want. If anyone reading this thinks they have be reincarnated, can they remember their previous lives or can you remember being dead?

Also, what if you knew someone who had died and you was looking forward to seeing them in the afterlife, what if when you passed over, they had been reincarnated. Does that mean you wouldn`t be able to find them in the afterlife cause they`re back here?

Ultimately, everything is your creation; it’s your choice in other words. For reasons best kept to themselves, many people wrap this topic up in all manner of religious and/or mystical conditioning, none of which applies within the wider reality. Unfortunately, these types of people still believe the greater reality revolves around this planet-Earth system, in very much the same way that people used to believe our planet was the centre of the universe. 

Basically, at some point, you will choose to begin the process of disengaging from your current physical focus. At which point you will enter a stage of transition. This is more or less the same kind of process you entered when coming into your current physical focus, but in reverse. Essentially, you are preparing yourself for life, once again, within subjective reality. Highly religious types who think they are going to die and go to heaven, for example, tend to spend a long time in transition shaking off the beliefs they picked up during their objective reality experience within this system. But don’t get me wrong, this is not a “bad” thing. Ultimately, it is something they have chosen to do. 

Anyhow, everyone spends a time in transition learning to adapt to life once again within subjective reality. Now, once you have adapted yourself, the choice is yours. There are an infinite number of physical reality systems to choose from and it is down to you what you want to experience. So, yes, you choose the kind of life you want, within whatever physical-life system you desire. 

Essentially, it is a question of gathering the necessary mix of probabilities and entering the appropriate “birth point”. I’ve had experience of repeating the entry of my current birth-point three times now, and it’s quite an exciting thing to do… experiencing your own birth. Plus, I have also experienced “being dead” but I can assure you that it feels very much more alive than being physical. 

When you talk about previous lives, you have to bear in mind that within the wider reality all time is simultaneous, so there is no such thing as past and future. All your “lives” are taking place simultaneously. So there is no such thing, for example, as the "afterlife" as there is no before, after, beginning, end, and so forth. Understand that within subjective reality, time is merely an element of function that facilitates a person’s objective expressions within consciousness. 

As regards finding people who have previously passed over: you need to realize that, contrary to what most people believe, there is neither separation nor barriers within consciousness. In other words, there is no “here” or “there”. Here and there, are just constructs that we created for the purposes of our objective-reality experience. 


I have some very difficult questions for you, Frank. I believe you are very true when saying that basically all we experience are constructs created by ourselves, but these leads to some very far reaching questions.

What are we? (When I say "We" I mean the always present point of awareness that never changes weather you are angry or happy, dreaming or awake) Who is it that constructs things with the base material (to adopt your terms)? Is there any solid entity  in the core of the being you call "Frank"? What is it made of? If it is the "one"  creating things out of the base material then it can not itself be made out of this stuff, I think (confusing..)

As you probably agree we should base our understandings upon experience. So do you have any experience that points to the direction that there is actually a soul, a solid entity not created by ourselves but being ourselves? How can we interact with the base matter then? 

Another point that pops in my mind: If a thought comes to me mind, were does it come from?

If we are not the constructs but the creators were, does the construction plan, the initial idea come from? What is the source of it? Can there be anything created out of nothing?

I found it pretty fascinating how close your ideas actually are to the ones of the early Buddhism teachings.

Buddhism is a construct along with many other boxed sets of beliefs. What people do is box what they believe a wider reality entails, into confines they think they can understand. Which is all very well, I’m not knocking it. But do realize in doing that a person lends themselves open to experiencing quite severe distortions in translation. One of the most common distortions is that of “a creator”. 

The key, of course, is simply to view the wider reality directly, and without preconceptions of what you think that wider reality is. Which, in itself, is a heck of a challenge for most people as they read all the books and, in doing so, they gain what you might call a solid notion of “what to expect”. Unfortunately, “what to expect” is a powerful construct that forms the person’s reality and generally leads them to another equally powerful construct called, “I’m right”. 

Understand, that everything physical is formed from constructs that we create as part of The Game. Now, what I am about to say may well resonate with mystical teachings in some way or other. Thing is, there is only one absolute reality at the core of all that is. The only difference, really, is how explorers such as myself describe that reality. With me, as I have said many times,  I am not all that “well read” when it comes to this topic. This I now feel quite fortunate about, because it has helped me a lot. 

We are a point of consciousness. But don’t get the idea we are just some point of nothing, floating in an eternal Void somewhere. The problem I am finding is, the closer I get to the core, the more difficult it becomes to describe the reality in words. Anyhow, there are two basic elements at Source, 1) The Cosmic Song and, 2) The Eternal Dance. Imagine everything of all that is, constantly entwined in a huge mass of perpetual motion. Every colour, every aspect every construct, every notion, just everything of all that is, constantly entwined in motion... and each of us forms a tiny part of that. 

Within the Dance, there are an infinite number of levels, or areas, or places, and each place has its own “song”. You might perceive one area, say; it could be a mass of whirling colours and abstract shapes. This visual scene may be accompanied by a sound, like, a near infinite number of chattering monkeys, coupled with the screeching of an equally huge number of birds. There are no actual monkeys or birds, of course, I’m simply using this to try to describe what it may sound like. As you focus in on a particular area, you find what was entirely abstract before starts taking on particular definitions. As you do so, the sound of the Song changes. The closer in you go the more definition you perceive. Eventually you can go from what was originally a swirling cloud of colour, say, and you travel inwards to find an entire physical universe.

All of consciousness is in a constant state of unfolding. This perpetually unfolding process ultimately creates the Eternal Dance. It is the sum of every experience that ever is/was/will. Plus, the summation of every minor Song of each and every area, forms the entire Cosmic Song. In reality, however, it is impossible to describe in words. You have to actually see it and hear it for yourself. We are currently connected to the Eternal Dance. It is something we can readily perceive if we choose to. However, what we have done is create a mental barrier between here and There, so as not to spoil The Game. 

The point of us being in the place we call “here” is to experience. We create physical worlds and revel in the experience of them as part of The Game. The Game is played in accordance with strictly laid down rules that we all agree to on an ongoing basis. Between us all, underlying what we have agreed to call our “physical reality”, is a perpetual series of energy exchanges. We have all agreed to carry out these exchanges along certain lines in order to create what we call the, “world we live in”. 

Without such an agreement, the whole Game would collapse. In a sense, we are all living in a house of cards where the structure is held together by our agreements formed through these energy exchanges. If we would all suddenly decide not to play the game, for example, everyone’s physical world would simply disintegrate. 

Because of this, we create constructs that continually reinforce the reality of the physical realms. Being born, for example, is a construct. Of course, we cannot have people just suddenly materializing. This would spoil The Game, as it is too close to our actual reality. So we create a means of “entry” that we perceive is entirely physical based. In order to reinforce this we create all manner of other constructs such as “growing up”, “going to school”, “being taught”. Problem comes as well at the other end. We can’t have people just remaining physical forever. It would cause too many questions and spoil the illusion. So we created a construct of “physical death”. But even this is not the total solution, because we can’t have people just dying for no reason. So we created the constructs such as “disease” or “death by accident” for example, that allow people to die without raising suspicion. 

As I say, our reality is formed from constructs upon which we all agree. But some constructs play a bigger part, you might say, than others. One of the most powerful constructs is “what to expect”. This construct is massively reinforced by a veritable army of officials, such as scientists, for example, whom we nominate in order to feed us with information on “what to expect”. Of course, our whole purpose of playing The Game is to experience. Doing this, we also want to explore as wide a variety of experiences as possible. So we set up circumstances where we are continually updating our ideas of “what to expect”. This enables us to explore a far wider range of experiences. This leads to yet another important construct we call “evolution”. 

You could go on forever listing all the various constructs and the connections or relationships between them. There are so many I’m not sure if it is possible to create any kind of accurate map. But all a person needs is to grasp the basics and the rest follows on from there.


I've encountered books, websites, etc. that relate to spirituality and the human condition, which postulate that LOVE is Truth. How can Love be Truth?

Love is a state of mind and fear is an emotion or a feeling. Now, I fully understand where people are coming from when they might disagree, saying love is not a state of mind, but a feeling.  Myself, I can agree in the sense that we tend to interpret love as a feeling, but I would respectfully point out that this is merely an interpretation. 

The study of feelings, emotions, beliefs, etc. is a pet topic of mine. One of the great things about being able to visit non-physical realms in a very controlled way, is you are able to seek out all manner of answers to questions about life within the physical. Questions such as, what is love? Where do emotions come from? How was the universe formed? Why are we here? All these kinds of questions can be answered for you directly, rather than doing what most enquiring people have to do at the moment, which is, sort through layer upon layer of religious and all kinds of other mystical mumbo-jumbo, just to try and get to the bare bones of it. 

As I’ve said a number of times before, I’m not what you might call “well read” when it comes to this topic. I do very much prefer to seek answers within, as that way you get things first hand. No matter how adept a person is, as a result of communicating through language, there will always be distortion. That goes for myself as well, of course, which is why I always encourage people to find out these answers for themselves, via their own hands-on exploration. 

In the past, I have read a number of religious-release-spiritual works. I once went through a phase of reading the bible, for example, and spent ages trying to make out where these writers were coming from. What I was attempting to do is step in their shoes, and go back to the times when they were writing these works, to try as best I could to view life from their perspective. Then I would compare what they were writing about, to my own hands-on experiences, in order to try and find parallels in our respective work. 

I was amazed at how, when you compare what you might call the core-teachings, these people were really quite knowledgeable as regards non-physical reality. Though a lot of misunderstanding arises directly due to distortions caused through their faulty interpretations. Well, to be fair, people such as myself, today, view it as faulty interpretation. But at the time, to them, they obviously would not have seen it that way. 

I guess that’s how it all started: ordinary people, viewing non-physical reality, and writing about it. But: with a very much more limited perspective (overall) compared to the more forward-thinkers of today. Problem is, people latched onto this early work and made “religions” out of it. And here we all are, a couple of thousand years down the line, trying to unravel the mess. 

Anyhow, let me take the original question and go through it step-by-step. The question was, “I've encountered books, websites, etc. that relate to spirituality and the human condition, which postulate that LOVE is Truth. How can Love be Truth?” Unfortunately, many people talk in these kinds of terms, and publish them on websites and so forth; without fully understanding what love actually is, where it comes from, or how truth relates in this context. 

So here’s what it means: 

When the traditional works say that love is truth, what they mean is, love is a Truth. Now, when something is defined as a Truth, what they are defining is a particular kind of reality. They are making a specific distinction between what we might call a local, physical-focus reality. Say, for example, a chair. This could be said to be a reality, it exists as a physical truth. But it is not a truth in the wider sense of it being a Truth. This distinction is sometimes made more apparent by capitalizing the word Truth, when it is meant in a wider sense.

So a Truth, then, has a reality in a wider sense. In other words, a Truth is a reality that is not limited to any particular realm of existence; but is a reality that is present in all realms of existence. So in every realm of existence, you will find there is the expression or manifestation of love. 

Love is a fundamental energy, that permeates all dimensions. However, within our physical dimension, we experience merely one aspect of the reality of this Truth we call love. 

Given certain conditions, it is possible to adopt an alternate mental state that will allow us to merge our sense of consciousness with the energy of love. Thus we can allow the feeling of this mergence to become manifest within our objective awareness. The actual sensations we feel as a result of this merging (which are rather nice!) we interpret as a particular range of feelings. 

There are many other reams of existence where people consciously merge with the energy of love. While their interpretations of the experience may be different from our own interpretations, the actual energy they interact with is the same… it’s just their interpretation that is different. 

It is unfortunate (though perfectly understandable) that we then put two and two together, and conclude that love is merely a feeling… because that is how we interpret it. But we fail to recognize the wider reality of love as a Truth. This, of course, is something that basic spiritual teachings have been trying to point out for thousands of years! But, like I say, for some reason people took the basic teachings and made religions out of them, and we are only just now learning how to unravel the mess. 

Okay, so now I come to the “fear” aspect, in the sense of where it was claimed that fear is the opposite of love. 

First, there are no opposites. They are merely belief constructs that we harmonize with for a variety of reasons. Our belief constructs shape our reality. Our reality is not good or bad, negative or positive, etc. Our reality simply is. It is our misinterpretation of reality that leads us into making all manner of erroneous judgements. The concept of “polarity” does of course have its practical uses, for instance, when replacing the batteries in your Walkman. But when we take this idea and apply it to energy, in terms of mental energy, our thinking tends to go way off base. 

I’m not going to go into any detail here about how we create our reality, as I wish to remain focused on the theme of love and emotions. But in short, the BIG mistake we make is, we start to think of our lives as something that happens to us, rather than something we create for ourselves. Anyhow, back to emotions: 

So fear is an emotion, but is fear a Truth?


Hate is an emotion, but is hate a Truth?


Is any emotion a Truth?


Is emotion a reality?


Then why is it not a Truth? 

Because for a reality to be a Truth, it must be a reality that is present in all realms of existence. Our emotions are physical-realm constructs only.

So emotions are realities that each of us generates, in a local sense, from our core beliefs. More specifically, emotions are communications that present us with feelings about the way situations are interacting with our core beliefs. These feelings are entirely of our own individual creation. Whereas love, being a Truth, is a universally present energy. 

In other words, love is not something we generate or something we create, as we do with our ordinary feelings. Love is a universally distributed, ever-present energy we can merge with, and feel the effects of. There is no opposite to love. Love simply is. We confuse it with our locally generated feelings through faulty interpretation.


What is karma?

The physical ego consciousness is a very necessary component of the human physical experience. In other words, it is a definite part of the human physical dynamic and, after all, we are choosing to be physical. 

We have two mental faculties to enable us to live a life as human beings within this physical plane: the physical ego consciousness, and the physical waking consciousness. 

Materializing thoughts/emotions/ideas within the physical plane, is the job of the physical ego consciousness, whose point of view is entirely subjective. 

In addition, our physical waking consciousness provides us with what we term our intellect, i.e. powers of reasoning and understanding, and such like, which can be either subjective, in undeveloped cases, or (more importantly) progressively more objective as the intellect develops. Physical life is all to do with developing both senses of consciousness and learning how to forge the correct balance between the two. 

In the past, the imbalance between these two facets of a personality has been called Karma. Karma can be said to be positive or negative depending on which aspect of consciousness holds sway. Personally, I dislike the terms positive and negative when applied in this instance, as they infer one way is good and the other one is bad. The state we are trying to achieve is one of balance. So anything beyond that, IMO, is not a question of being positive or negative, but too much either way. 

Karma is not having to live a life of suffering in order to correct past mistakes. Two wrongs do not make a right from any perspective, whether physical or non-physical. The whole idea is to bring yourself to a stage where you are Karma neutral. At which point the personality is said to be in balance. 

The physical ego consciousness must always be channelled by a sound intellect. If not, highly damaging aspects of a personality can take physical form; such as narcissism, racism, greed, self-indulgence, together with all the other negative behaviours that are ever so prevalent in society, particularly western society. 

The physical ego consciousness is by no means a “bad” thing. On the contrary, it is very necessary, a vital component in fact. Without it we would be like animals acting solely on instinct. There would be no such things as agriculture, technology, transportation, housing, and all the other material benefits we have brought into being within this physical world. 

Unfortunately, because significant numbers of people are suffering a severe imbalance, we materialised a lot of nasty stuff too. For example, weapons (and the need for such), overpopulation, corrupt systems of government, inequality, high levels of pollution, and so forth. 

Achieving the correct balance is not easy. Both aspects of consciousness have to be functioning to an optimum capacity. Not only that, the balance must stand firm under an exceedingly wide variety of circumstances. For example, anyone can be balanced when things are going well. But how does that facade stand up when the going gets tough… and then tougher still… and even tougher after that? 

Many people are so darned ego-driven, virtually everything that surrounds them, their whole identity, has been (or is being) formed by the ego consciousness. These are the people who grossly indulge in all the material aspects of life. I’ve come across many cases where people have had all their material goods, i.e. houses, cars, credit-cards, etc. taken away from them. Either their business collapsed, or the stock-market went the other way, or whatever, and they felt their whole life had become worthless to the extent they committed suicide. 

This is ultimately what happens when a powerful ego-consciousness is allowed free reign, and is not channelled by a scrupulously sound intellect. I was reading on another forum a thread entitled, Truth Against the World. It talks inter alia about people who simply cannot grasp the idea of non-materialism, which exactly demonstrates my point. 

People can easily reach the stage where they simply cannot think any further than their own ego-driven desires. No matter how often, or how simply you explain it to them, they cannot appreciate what you are saying (a tiny few do, of course, but there are always exceptions to anything). 

It’s like these people have something missing that prevents them from appreciating the worth of any concept - no matter how simple - that lies outside their box, so to speak. What they have missing, of course, is their intellect that has been suppressed by a lifetime of ego-conscious dominance. In other words, their intellect remains in its early subjective, i.e. ego dominant, phase of development. 

But even if your ego-consciousness doesn’t get the better of you to the extent you curtail your life, a big problem arises on the point of physical-body death. Like I say, a person can get to the stage where the only sense of consciousness they know is the ego consciousness: to the point where they have precious little intellect left. 

The basic job of the physical ego consciousness is to materialize thoughts/ideas/emotions within the physical realm. Therefore, once the physical body dies, to the personality in question, the physical realm is no more. In other words, at the point of physical-body death, the physical ego-consciousness suddenly finds itself out of a job. Which means it dissipates with the physical body. In which case, without any intellect to guide them, a person can find themselves stuck within the gruesome planes of the lower astral. 

The golden rule is: your intellect you can take with you, as it survives physical-body death. In fact, you want to take it with you as it’s the intellect which allows you to operate objectively within the non-physical! (This is the basic reason why we need to develop it in the first place.) The ego-consciousness dissipates on physical-body death. 

The above rule is valid whilst projecting also; in that only your physical waking consciousness can be transferred to any non-physical realm, which again is precisely what you want. But your ego consciousness cannot be transferred, as it can only operate within the physical.


What is mind? I guess the word 'mind' is throwing me off because I understand 'awareness' or 'consciousness' as not being located specifically in the mind. It is my understanding that our minds are not separate from our bodies, it is all one unit. The part of us that 'intends' or puts our intentions out it in our mind? Or is it in another part of our being?  So, when you say that our minds connect, it is giving me mental images of little brains floating around out there in the astral, connecting and hanging out.  Or are you referring to our thoughts? Or could you also, feasibly say that our 'hearts' are connected to each other as well?

We are on the border of a new and amazing science. Unfortunately, because of this we do not yet have a ready-made list of concrete terms and a subsequent solid understanding of those terms. As such, getting to grips with all the terminology is, in itself, quite a task! 

I’m sorry I failed to make myself clear. When I say we cannot go “out of body” I didn’t mean to suggest a situation where, if we are not in the physical, then we are in some other kind of body, etc. and so, as a technical point, we cannot ever be “out of body”. Here we are speaking at cross purposes. 

It can be complex to get to grips with I know, i.e. the true relationship between mind and brain. There is ever so much misunderstanding in this area. I’ve said before that if people would first grasp a solid understanding of the way the mind and brain interact, a heck of a lot of other stuff would begin falling into place. 

People speak of the mind and brain as if they were both one and the same… they are not.  The mind and brain are connected in various ways while the physical body is alive, but they are in fact two separate entities. Like I say, it is only when a person grasps a true understanding of how these two entities operate that many other aspects of this whole topic begin falling into place. Lots of questions are answered when a person realizes the true relationship between mind and brain. 

The human brain, as most people are aware, is composed of physical matter and is situated within the physical skull. The function of the brain is to operate, control and direct all the physical processes of the body… that is all.  No consciousness is developed in the brain, no thinking or any other kind of reasoning goes on in the brain, no memories are stored in the brain. The brain is simply a kind of central processing unit for the physical body.  Human faculties such as consciousness, thoughts and memories are all functions of the mind. The brain as an interface. Nothing in particular originates from it. It merely interfaces and converts a person's subjective consciousness into a form the physical body can use/comprehend/understand. Plus, it translates signals from the 5 physical senses the other way. 

The main energetic interface is the energy centre at the crown. This has a directing effect on the other energy centres. Each energy centre “talks” both to the brain and directly to various cells in the body. But the brain is the main physical subjective/objective interface and, as I say, it’s also bi-directional. That is also the reason why we have these energy centres in the first place, i.e. to interface the subjective with the objective. If we were truly were just a physical body in the sense of being an entirely self-contained biological machine, and consciousness was strictly a brain-created mechanism then no need for any interface between subjective and objective (in terms of energy). 

The mind exists as an entity in itself and lives in an entirely different dimension of existence. Not only that, the mind derives its energy from a particular source that is totally independent of the physical body. That is how consciousness can “live on” after the physical body dies, for example. Because many people rationalize that if the mind is a function of the brain and the brain dies, then surely the mind must die with it. But no, the mind is not merely a function of the brain. It is the other way around: in fact the whole physical body, brain and all, is a function or outpouring of the mind.

We are never “in” our body, any body, whether it be ethereal, astral, physical, etc. All we do is   simply focus the mind in that direction and, hey presto, it feels as if we are. 

Problem is, people get into a long-standing habit of focussing their mind in one direction only; to the extent where they find it immensely difficult to focus anywhere else. Many other people are so taken by focussing in one direction only they get to believe there is no other way. As a result, they spend their whole lifetime encased within a tiny bubble of physical reality which they firmly believe is all that exists. 

When people engage in what is commonly called “obe practice” they try so darned hard to, in some way, get “out” of their physical body. But it is not a question of getting out, as you are never in it to begin with! It is a question of learning how to break the habit of only ever focussing in one direction, i.e. towards the physical. 

Our minds are not “in” any body at all, physical or otherwise. The mind will simply manufacture a suitable bodily vehicle that will best serve its needs on whichever plane of existence it happens to be focussed within. The physical is no different in this respect. 

When I go non-physical, for example, I feel like I am in a kind of body. Though it feels like it, I am no more “in” that body than I am “in” my physical right now typing these words. My mind is currently operating through my physical. Because that is the only way my mind can operate on whichever plane of existence or realm of reality it is focussed within. 

The mind cannot operate directly within a realm that is outside of its existence. To do so it has to generate kind of interface; one that is made from the matter of that particular plane. So, within the physical, our bodily interface is made from physical matter, i.e. the very stuff of this plane. When the mind is focussed within the ethereal realm, it generates a bodily interface which is made from etheric matter, and so on. 

Thing is, the reality of it all gets even more whacky. Because, when I say each person’s mind, the mind that we think of as our own is merely an infinitesimal fraction of the Whole to which it is connected. But I’ll save that for another day. 


Have you encountered TV's and radio's in astral realms? From my experience, some astral inhabitants enjoy these amenities. It was suggested to me in my most recent F27 visit , that they can pick up broadcast but not cable.  It almost feels like some types of astral technology are a few years behind the physical.

The physical realm is an end result. There is nothing we have Here that isn’t already There. TV and radio broadcasts are very common. People who live in the Exchange Territories (Monroe Focus 27) generally enjoy very much the same things as they did while physical “dead and proud of it” as I call the residents there. 

I’m not sure what you mean by not having Cable. There is no need for cables within the Exchange Territories. Many residents do, however, create an image of a physical realm television or radio-receiver just for effect. Some even go so far as to put an antenna on the roof! But you tune into these “services” simply by attuning your mind. 

All manner of music is available. I went through a phase where I’d spend my projection time just floating in the 3D blackness at Focus 21. I’d think of a favourite piece of classical music and up it would come. The music causes a sensation far more intense than the physical; in that you not only hear it but it envelops you to the extent where you feel it too. 

Everything we materialise within the physical is already within the non-physical. Every TV program, every song, every piece of music, every radio broadcast, in fact everything and anything any of us (in whatever physical era) have either invented, are currently inventing, or ever will invent, is already present within the non-physical. 

In the past, people have represented this phenomenon in various ways. Perhaps the most common being the notion of Akashic Records. In turn, people have naturally allied this idea to the physical representation of what we call a library. But, as is normal, people’s knowledge and thinking moves on, to the extent where the old notions are being dropped in favour of a greater understanding of the reality. Like you say, anything and everything is possible via the correct attunement. Which is one of those things that is easier said than done, but far easier to do while non-physical. Well, that’s my experience. 

Within the Exchange Territories (Monroe’s old Focus 27) people live very much like they did while physical. As such, they have friends, family and so forth. In my experience people form family groups based on many factors. Such as, like you say, could be members of a physical-life family, or whatever. People choose to incarnate together, for example, and afterwards they might have a chuckle about their adventures, and all that kind of thing. There’s a myriad of reasons.


Do you think the physical realm is simply an end result? I know it's a smaller part of the big picture than it's traditionally thought of, but don't you think there are experiences in this realm that are unique to it? And therefore maybe there are lessons which can only be learned in the physical?

The nonphysical realms seem to have so many more possibilities than the physical one. So why do many people refute the existence of them? Why is the nonphysical so hard for most of us to integrate with our physical existence?

When I say the physical realm is an end result, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m saying that to downgrade its purpose - as if the physical is some kind of dead-end in the sense of being in a dead-end job. All I mean to say is there is nothing beyond the physical realm. 

When people have found themselves in an RTZ projection in the past, they have thought they had taken a step “outside” of themselves; in the sense of taking a step beyond the physical. When in fact what they did was take a step back. But when I say a step back they are still within the physical, it’s just that physical reality is much wider than most conventional physicists realize. 

Every manifestation of consciousness within the physical is a reflection of a known reality. But you are entirely correct in thinking there may be something about the things here that cannot be experienced there. What can be experienced here that cannot be experienced there, is: objectivity. 

The notion of objectivity is very important for us to learn. It is here within the physical realm that we learn the art of creative responsibility. This can only be taught by example and it can only properly be performed within a physical-matter, i.e. objective, reality. 

Regarding your other point, here and there are not the same place. But they are not as “apart” as generally thought of either. They are different mental focuses. Monroe was something of a pioneer in this although I have subsequently redeveloped his original “focus level” concept, which was brilliant in its day I’ll grant him that. While everyone else was cuckooing the old-age astral planes and different “body” paradigms, he went out on his own and discovered there were no astral planes at all where people “travel” to: but different areas of consciousness or mental focus levels. Shame he didn’t latch on to the truth regarding the artificial nature of all the different “bodies”. 

Once you cast off the chains of Dark-Age doom and gloom that forever appears to haunt this topic, it becomes quite simple to understand.   

Consciousness is multi-faceted. The physical realm is merely one facet of consciousness. Here and there are not the same place, but don’t take that to mean they are separate in that one facet is here, and another facet is over there somewhere. There is no separation in consciousness; there are no boundaries or barriers. What changes is your perception. Or, to put it another way, you switch your focus of attention. 

In the past, people developed the belief construct of “astral travel”. They would perceive themselves to be at one non-physical place, and they would “travel” to another place, and then another place, etc. So they built up this idea of astral realms where you could travel from one place to another. Early mystics even composed all kinds of maps listing areas they would call astral planes, and such like. Many people still believe this notion today. 

What the early pioneers of this art failed to realise is, you are not travelling anywhere. You are merely shifting your focus, or changing your perception. This is essentially what Monroe hit upon. But even he didn’t realise the full truth of what he had discovered (or maybe he did and chose not to make it public). 

The big mistake those early pioneers made was (and I readily forgive them for it because they were early pioneers after all) they thought consciousness occupied space. Consciousness occupies no space whatsoever. You cannot “travel” within non-physical realms. Though many times in my posts I will use the old terminology because that’s how people understand it to be, and people would hardly have any idea of what I was going on about, which would be no use to them at all. But, ultimately, you cannot “travel” anywhere within the non-physical because there is no space to travel through. Consciousness occupies no space.  

Think of it like many TV channels being broadcast down the same cable at the same time. Using a broadcast tuner, you can switch to the precise channel you want to view. Think of the mind as being like that tuner. Only instead of switching a dial, you switch your perception. As your perception changes, your environment changes. People having no experience of the non-physical have their tuner stuck on the Physical channel! 

The reasons people find it so difficult are many and varied. 

Perhaps the main reason, as I touched on above, is due to their belief that there are divisions between consciousness. They think there are “barriers” that must be overcome by initiating some kind of “process” such as a projection technique. Many make the other primary mistake of thinking going-within is a process some “expert” has to invent a “product” they need to buy so “it” can do the work for them. 

As people mature, they take on the influences of mass belief systems and lose their connection with their other focuses. People fail to realise also how they create their own reality. As I always say, we are what we consider ourselves to be, so it makes sense to be someone you find desirable! There are no barriers to growth and progress except those you erect yourself. 

We are not puppets! 

Every one of us is in the process of creating our own reality. To the extent where, if our physical life were a movie, each of us would be a sole director. But rather than directing responsibly and objectively, and creating all manner of worthwhile benefits both for themselves, and for others, millions of people just get tangled in the web of their own drama. Trapped in an infinite maze of events, with no way of knowing which way is out. Unfortunately for these people, the Universal Laws of creation are founded on the concept of free will. So you are allowed to ruin yourself by taking a fragmented, torturous approach if you absolutely insist on it. 

Many people have “taken on the challenge” of exploring non-physical realms. But they take on that challenge with their existing (limited) sense of consciousness. First, they must remove the limitations within their sense of thinking, because in reality there are no limitations. Any limitations a person might create for himself or herself are merely choices for their experience. Once all self-limiting beliefs are throughly eliminated, a person can simply become aware of what they do naturally. Which the previous limitations were preventing them from perceiving. 

If people are having difficulties, they should ask themselves why they are placing barriers against their progress through faulty thinking. 

We experience Out of Body states CONTINUOUSLY. Problem is people fail to TRUST themselves and ACCEPT the true nature of our reality. In reality, there is no method! If there is one thing my 20-odd years of experience has taught me is that methods and techniques just get in the way. That’s what I say to people: just mentally bin the lot. 

The only true method is to realize there is no method. There is only trust of self and acceptance. The biggest all time spokes that anyone can put in his or her non-physical works is: FEAR and DOUBT. The good news is, fear and doubt cannot exist in a mental environment of trust and acceptance. 

And there are all manner of other mistakes people make too. I should know, I’ve made most of them myself.


Frank, I was wanting to ask about the level of conscious awareness that we get upon physical death. Once we 'die' ie physical bodily death is it usual that we manifest our *full* sense of conscious awareness in the astral somewhere? (even if its at a low level, or some scenario where it hasn`t twigged we've 'passed on', are we at least fully aware?).

I ask since the scenario you gave worries me, wherein someone 'dies' and is stuck in a dream level of awareness.

For many it can be a bit of a lottery. Perhaps that is why people tend to turn towards religion in later life as at least religions appear to give some kind of definite hope. Problem is, it is one thing talking about dying and it is quite another thing experiencing it. 

From all the examples I have been shown, I can readily see that a person’s biggest enemy at the point of death is fear. Because fear is what traps people more than anything I have seen. Again, this is related to the religion thing. In the sense of there they all are, in a congregation singing songs every week, and so forth, and each one supports the other; quelling their fears and helping them all come to terms with their feelings of vulnerability, guilt, regret and often anger. However, while this may be beneficial to certain types of people, it is not really the answer. Well, certainly not for me that I can say. 

The easy way to guarantee you will pop out unscathed is to understand the process, and to be really stuck into it on an intellectual level. 

As you shed your physical, your physical ego consciousness will dissipate leaving you with your bare intellect, which in physical life is what we call our physical waking consciousness. With many people, particularly people in western society, their intellect is a slave of the physical ego consciousness, when in fact it should be the other way around (in a properly balanced individual that is). The reason why it should be the other way around only tends to become apparent at the point of physical-body death. 

Hold in mind, here, that the knowing of your existence, and subsequently your whole ability to operate within any particular plane, depends solely upon your ability to focus your attention within it. The driving force behind that mental focus is your intellect; or what was your physical waking consciousness before you shed your physical. 

As the physical ego consciousness dissipates, it can have the tendency to leave the physical waking consciousness rudderless. In other words, your whole intellect then becomes screwed. Now mix this with a large helping of fear and you are not only rudderless on an intellectual level, i.e. the driving force behind your ability to focus is seriously weakened, but emotionally you are scared out of your wits: which is a recipe for disaster on any level of existence, physical or non-physical. 

Chances are you will then slip into dream consciousness, more for your own mental protection than anything. Your dream consciousness will then attempt to ease you through your fears and you will eventually get to the stage where your fears dissipate to the point where your intellect can take over. However, that is fine in theory. Problem is an underdeveloped intellect is the last thing you want in this situation, as your ability to operate is severely weakened. Many people are just aimlessly wandering around the lower planes, as if they are looking for something but cannot get to grips with what exactly. Like attracts like, so you tend to get huge numbers of these people steadily drifting towards the exchange territories. 

Bear in mind also, the process of shedding your physical body is very much the same as the normal process of astral projection. Only real difference being is you never get zapped back to physical due to some physical-body demand. 

Ideally, therefore, you want a dominant physical waking consciousness that has been through the projection process oodles of times. In which case, locked firmly in your PWC memory will be all manner of ideas, formed from hands-on personal experience, that we do in fact survive physical-body death. Better still, you should be entirely familiar with the exchange territories (old Monroe Focus 27) and already have a home there. However, this is not strictly necessary. (The parts that do help considerably are the early stages of projection, and anything else is a bonus). 

In this frame of mind, there should be very little fear. Touch of nervousness, perhaps, but nervousness more in the sense of nervous excitement as opposed to blind fear, nevertheless, nothing that cannot easily be kept under control by a well-developed intellect. 

Having a developed and informed intellect, i.e. a physical waking consciousness that is dominant over your physical ego consciousness, and is already familiar with projecting and operating within non-physical realms, is your guarantee of success. I cannot stress this highly enough. 

People I have had non-physical experience with who fitted this profile just passed-over without a blip.


Something is bothering me here. When I practice astral projection, I often see beings that are not human. I don't interact with them, but I do see them. And even if I specifically command myself to see energy directly, therefore weeding out hallucinations or subconscious projections, the entities are still there. I can see them as energy.  So, which is hallucination and which is real? Is there a difference between the wild life in your lucid dreams and in your astral projections?

I have a strong feeling that misunderstanding the basics drags people down and slows their development just at a time, i.e. in the beginning, when they need some quick results to stimulate their interest; which, hopefully, will lead them on to making all kinds of discoveries about themselves, rather than keep going around the same loop. 

I have consciously projected to the astral hundreds and hundreds of times. Never once did I ever come across anything that could remotely be called “negative” that was not either a thought-form of my own fear, or my own misunderstanding; or just a basic misunderstanding where my own thought-form of that misunderstanding was being overlaid onto the actual situation, or just nothing more than a misunderstanding. 

Your reality is basically wherever you focus your conscious awareness, such that everything within that reality becomes “real” to you. Most people have their focus fixed towards the physical, so everything within the physical, therefore, is “real”. With people who learn to focus within other realms of existence, they still have a tendency to think of the physical realm as being the “real” reality. They then use the experience of this as a kind of reality-yardstick against which their non-physical experiences are judged. Doing that doesn’t work as it merely creates all manner of confusion. 

People who make these kinds of comparisons, quickly tend to find themselves in a situation where their experiences no-longer support their beliefs. In most cases where I came across this, the person in question was trying to manipulate the circumstances of their experience(s) in order to - in some way - make those circumstances fit their beliefs; when a better solution is to try doing the opposite. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this topic attracts a fair proportion of unscientific idealists who believe in all manner of notions to do with demons and dragons. It looks to me at times like these people would rather die at the hands of an axe murderer rather than give up their beliefs on how it should be; especially in the way they often appear to ignore legitimate information from people who are successful. Anyhow, I digress, that’s their problem of course. 

You ask what is hallucination and what is real? I’ve spent a long time studying this aspect and can conclude, without a doubt, every form you see is real regardless of the source of that form. In other words, whether the form you are seeing is produced from your own release of thoughts/emotions or whether it has been produced by other means, it is real, regardless of source. Likewise when people ask, was this real or just a dream? There is no such distinction. Dream reality is just as real as waking reality from the standpoint of the mind: which is where you should be looking from. 

People do, of course, look from the standpoint of the physical consciousness and consider the dream consciousness to be unreal. I can well understand where they are coming from. But if you look to the physical from the standpoint of the dream consciousness, the physical looks equally unreal too. However, when you look from the standpoint of your mind, each and every circumstance experienced by all facets of conscious awareness, look equally as real as each other; and that is the true situation. 

Have you ever had a false awakening? Where you dreamt you got up and went about your normal day, and then at some point you suddenly realised you had dreamt the whole thing? In the midst of that “dream” I bet you never questioned it. To the extent where, to all intents and purposes, you thought you were living in physical reality. Until some aspect of your consciousness jogged you out of it, maybe your alarm-clock went off, or something like that. 

Believe it or not, many people get caught in this way, i.e. they die in the night and just carry on dreaming whatever it was they were dreaming about. Some dream they woke up and went about their normal day, and then keep going around that loop totally oblivious to the fact they are in a completely different sphere of reality. Several times I came across instances where people were caught in this dilemma, and in others too.

On seeing me, sometimes the person in question would begin to think they were dreaming or hallucinating! And they’d shake their heads in disbelief and get on with what they thought was their ordinary physical day. When in fact, everything they were experiencing was taking place in a realm that, when they were physical, they’d have considered dreamland, i.e. being in a place where nothing “real” exists. Yet to them, the place is now just as real as physical reality… because that is precisely what they think it is! 

Within the non-physical there are all kinds of weird and wonderful phenomena on show. The first times you go there you tend to be attentive to absolutely everything that is happening: like a child walking through the gates of Disneyworld for the first time. But after a while the novelty wears off and with me, now, I just get on with what I need to accomplish. 

I’m sure that is how you’ll get after a while. At which point you won’t be so aware of everything going on around you. Once you have a primary focus then all the background stuff tends to just fade more and more into the background.  

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had a really good lucid dream. If I catch myself dreaming then I project. This is because I used to use the technique of projecting from a lucid dream as my main projection technique for a number of years. But yes, I basically get all the kinds of effects as people describe; all these morphing characters and such like. It can be highly entertaining, especially when they take on a life of their own and start answering you back! Ha ha, that made me chuckle. 

Though not every character you meet while under the influence of dream consciousness will automatically be a thought-form created from your own release of emotion. Like attracts like to the extent where you might find yourself in situation when you are amongst all kinds of other people dreaming the same dream, for example. The possibilities really are truly endless. The key, therefore, is to know the basic rules that apply. This enables you to make sense of whatever is happening to you, or whatever circumstances you find yourself in at the time. 

I have, for example, several times had what I thought was true astral projection from a lucid dream, when in fact the whole thing was merely a thought-form of my own making. This hasn’t happened to me for a while now, but in the early days it was most disconcerting. 

Ultimately, what I’m trying to get across to you within the limited space of this post is that anything and everything is possible. So it’s no use trying to prepare yourself for any particular circumstance. The key is to have a solid understanding of the ground-rules. This is what enables you to make basic sense of it all. Also trust comes into it to a very high degree. The work I’m involved with at present keeps reinforcing this to me over and over again. 

Like, where you saw the door shape, you shouted for verification and the room went black and the door was illuminated in some way. Okay, so you knew you are being listened to and your concerns are being met on some level. Problem is you didn’t understand the significance, and nor probably would I. When I’m exploring there are still all kinds of circumstances and/or situations I come across that I do not understand. In which case the procedure you go through is to ask for more information and be open to what you receive. 

From my experience, I now know that if I see a door or get the impression of some kind of opening like a window, it’s an invitation to walk though or to look through. Maybe there was a specific question I wanted an answer to and, on projecting, I saw the shape of a door. So I ask for clarity and the door becomes lit up. To me, that’s a definite invitation to walk through the door. So I do, let’s say, and I then find myself in a completely different realm. 

In front of me is a path. Now paths, in my experience, are invitations for me to walk along. So I walk along just admiring the scenery and all the while trusting that I’m on the right road to getting my questions answered. Then I see the figure of a man up ahead who smiles and beckons me towards him… and so forth. 

Thing is, every time you project chances are the initial circumstances will be different (especially in the beginning). So you’ve got to always be on the lookout for an opening that will kick-start the experience. This is why it is always best if you project with a definite idea of some kind of question you want answered. 

With me, I’d be so darned curious about the flapping wing across the door. Gosh, I’d want an answer to that before anything, especially if I’d seen it as a child and it had scared me and all that. My curiosity would be blazing.


Ultimately, only personal experience can tell you what’s what. Which I know sounds a bit lame but there is no substitute for actual hands-on experience. Perhaps someone, some day, will invent a kind of holographic simulator that enables a person to experience what it’s like beforehand. But until then…

As you know, I’m a big fan of Monroe particularly in the way he discovered what he was perceiving was an area of consciousness. And that it was his own shift in perception or focus that switched him from one environment to another. As you also know he gave each area of mental focus he perceived an arbitrary number. 

Personally, I like the attachment of a number concept, and the cataloguing of the various areas in consciousness by the events or actions that take place there. Reason being, I found it much easier to recognize which area of consciousness I was perceiving. Problem is, the level of detail Monroe was distinguishing was unnecessarily fine. 

For example, Monroe labeled focus numbers 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27 to one area of consciousness that is known collectively as a Transition Area. From my experience, there is no real requirement to have so many different numbers to represent all the fine variations that naturally come about within one area of consciousness. For the purposes of cataloguing our experiences and recognizing which area of consciousness we are perceiving, all we need to know is the general term Transition Area to which we can simply attach one focus number. 

Anyhow, I condensed Monroe’s original focus numbers to just 4, which represent the four main areas within our system (or at least I think there are four!). 

My focus 1 is the physical, which includes the area people typically call the real-time zone, as this is actually part of the physical realm. 

My focus 2 you could say was dream reality although it encompasses a lot more but this term will suffice for bare recognition purposes. 

My focus 3 is the area of consciousness related to transition as I just described. 

My focus 4 is the area occupied by what people would call our higher self. It’s not really a higher self because there is no higher or lower in consciousness. I suppose you could call it the area of consciousness where we exist while having full awareness of a sense of connection with all our alternate focuses. 

So to me, these are the four primary distinctions I use to determine where I am in the general design of our system. Of course, within each primary distinction you could perceive a number of sub-distinctions. But that is way too much detail for the purposes of successful navigation. 

Number 1 we are basically familiar with. 

Number 2 is a veritable minefield of subjectivity, which is ever so difficult to make sense of. I am familiar with the basic operation of the transfer of subjective activity, in it being brought into objective reality; in that the dream state is in continuous connection with the waking state, and serves to create our physical reality, and so forth. But there are ever so many different levels of connectivity its just unreal. Even the most basic dreams have many dimensions that can connect with all manner of individuals at all kinds of levels. 

I said just recently on another post that every physical manifestation of consciousness was a mirror image of a known reality. Well, here you will find all those original images. I suppose that if people do ever begin to live for a thousand years, someone will eventually come up with a meaningful “map” of this area following a lifetime of continuous study. 

Number 3 is an interesting area if you are looking for people to interact with. Many of the inhabitants at the top of the tree (F27) are very lucid. “Dead and proud of it” as I call them. It was meeting these people that really convinced me what I was perceiving was most definitely not just some aspect of “me”. 

Everyone you meet, well, everyone I ever met (and I’ve met quite a few) knows exactly where he or she is (they still hold gender definition). They know they have physically died and have been through a process of transition. They are upbeat and happy, and many are living what look to be very normal physical lives. 

So happy are they in fact that millions of people have chosen to colonise the area and have created a completely new world for themselves. Hence, the region has expanded to become what are now known as the “old” and the “new” Exchange Territories. The Old Exchange Territories being the original area Monroe talks about. But “alongside” a completely new populated area has come about they call the New Exchange Territories. 

People at the bottom of the transition tree (F23), are generally encapsulated in their own drama to the extent you’ll generally find they are not open to you at all, and the further in you dwell you’ll find people becoming progressively more open to you. But, as I say, by far the most coherent, you’ll find are those who have come out of transition and are resident in the New Exchange Territories. 

Number 4 is very interesting. Here you can access all your other focuses, step into their lives; experience what they experience, etc. But, as I said at the beginning, everyone has many alternate focuses to the extent where there is just no way you could ever experience them all. 

If I were you, I’d plumb for the top rung of my focus 3 (F27). I doubt you could fail to recognize the place. People chat to you like normal, everyone is open to you. The atmosphere is joyously charged. The place is bright, happy and colourful. Everyone is laid back and relaxed. You can’t miss recognizing the place. I mean, if you find yourself there you will not have to sit and ponder if you are there or not. It’s something you will perceive right away. 

People within F27 react towards me with a variety of typical human reactions. Some have seen it all before and are too busy with other things to pay much attention, some are fascinated, others start enthusiastically explaining things to you, etc. It’s all very human like in nature. Which is why I think perceiving this area will be the best bet for you. 

The spookiest feelings come about when people walk up and greet you like an old friend, and you haven’t the foggiest notion of who they are! 

The concept of “travel” is a belief construct that has been adopted by ever so many people and can cause all manner of problems. Well, not so much at first because people, at the same time, align themselves with support constructs. So when finding themselves flying around somewhere, to them they feel they have “succeeded”. 

I’m not knocking it, of course, each to their own and I’ve subscribed to a number of these beliefs myself, so I know how tempting they are. 

I began by following Monroe’s technique in Journey’s OofB. It worked for me but I could never achieve a “real-time zone” perception experience. I did manage years later, but only after having had hundreds of what could be called “astral” experiences. Note: I truly hope this doesn’t sound presumptuous, but I’m starting to be more careful about my use of mystical terminology. I still use it, where necessary, because that is what large numbers of people relate to, after reading the books and perhaps having had a number of initial experiences. But as my experience has grown, I now prefer using terminology that is more contemporary, because it tends to be aligned with actual non-physical reality, rather than mass beliefs about non-physical reality. Not in all cases, of course, but that does appear to be the general picture. 

I feel you need to start getting to grips with where you are at in the general perception scheme of things. Perceiving the real-time zone (as it is generally called) is simple because it’s so familiar. What I’d suggest is for you to resist the temptation to do this. Instead, think about widening your perception to incorporate the other areas of focus. It would be a mistake to think of them as a linear scale. Think of having lines of contact to all 4 areas of our system at the same time. They all come to you in parallel, and it’s your choice which one you connect to. 

There are no barriers in consciousness. So, for example, it’s not necessary for you to achieve success at, say, a “lower” level before you can get to the “higher” one. There are no higher or lower levels. What we perceive are areas of consciousness we have constructed for a particular purpose, i.e. to perform a particular role in the workings of our wider reality. These areas are not higher or lower, they are just there. We attach numbers to identify them like TV channels on a tuner. The numbers merely identify the channel, and they are in sequence simply because it makes logical sense. Say we have TV channel 1 to channel 50. Just because channel 1 could be viewed as being at the bottom doesn’t reflect its worth as a channel. Likewise, Channel 50 is not necessarily any more worthy a channel than channel 1 simply because it is a “higher” number. To get to channel 5 we simply switch to channel 5. We don’t have to watch channel 1, 2, 3 & 4 in sequence for some time first, before we “qualify” to switch to 5. 

I was confused over this for a while when I first started. I couldn’t get to grips with where I was because, from reading Journey’s OofB, I got the idea the being “out of body” bit had to come first as a kind of qualification stage. From the point of which I could then experience the locale thingies, as I thought of them at the time. People today often feel the only “proper” obe is a real-time zone experience and the rest is only a dream. They say “only” a dream. These people, of course, do not understand that all our physical reality is being created by our dreams. Pretty powerful stuff those dreams! The other one is where people say, “Oh, it’s only imagination.” They are not realizing, obviously, that our whole sense of objective thought rests on us having an imagination. 

As there are no barriers in consciousness, there is no separation either. We create notions of separation due to our beliefs. People feel they need to enact a “process” that they need to “follow” in order to become “adept”. They are all mere belief constructs. I read once of a person who believed we have all manner of “bodies”. He said we have an etheric body, an astral body, a mental body, and all kinds of other different bodies that were all roaming around the “astral planes”. This person was so taken by this belief construct he actually wrote a whole book on it. Loads of people still firmly believe they have an etheric body that “separates” from the physical. Again, these are all belief constructs. In reality, we are a point of consciousness and we create whatever we feel we need for our purposes. If people feel more secure in a “body” then a body they shall create. 

I no longer follow the focus numbers originally stipulated by Monroe. They are still valid, of course, and the original concept was brilliant. But it’s far more complex than it needs to be and they are ever so confusing for beginners. But again, hats off to Monroe for his brilliant work. 

Junk all elaborate mechanisms; yes, I think you are outgrowing them. People think of the non-physical as a kind of remote place we have to “travel” to. So they develop some kind of mechanism perhaps to bridge the “gap”. There is no separation between them and us. Only the barriers we create in our thinking. I have them, you have them, and we all have them. It’s darned frustrating for me because I realize all this, and yet I still have internal barriers! Okay, perhaps less than most, but clearing away the mental blocks is not an overnight process. I suppose it could be, but I don’t believe it is possible, and so it isn’t... Aaagh! 

Beliefs are incredibly powerful and shape our reality in ways we find difficult to accept. People find it much easier to believe in the notion of a “creator” a god, or whatever/whomever. Sounds much more believable to them than we created it all. God did not create us in his own image; we created the notion of a god so we could blame him for the mess! And what a flaming mess we made, quite frankly. But times really are set to change. 

You have set your definition of reality. The point at which you will accept it’s a phenomenon or circumstance not merely stemming from yourself. Are you sure you really want this confirmation? Maybe a part of you does and another part of you doesn’t. So you end up in limbo. The non-physical reality you perceive may be a representation of this. Not all of it. But maybe elements of conflict are woven into it. It’s consciousness we perceive after all. 

I often wonder if people realize that. Perhaps they never really thought of it. Maybe they picture it’s something like space. The space between planets I mean, out there, in space, that kind of thing. Nope, it’s consciousness we are perceiving in all its forms. The physical we perceive is one form. What we label non-physical is another form. It’s all just different manifestations of consciousness. Like the areas we perceive that we attach labels to. It’s just another manifestation of consciousness we have formed to suit a particular purpose or to perform a particular function, for example, Transition Area. 

There is no “astral” as such, it is merely a belief construct that exists in the region of my-focus 2, along with each and every other belief construct, idea, myth, thought, emotion, etc., etc., ad-nauseum, that anyone either ever had, or ever will have; it’s all lodged in our subjective consciousness area. Or the area of consciousness we have set aside to perform the function of holding all subjective reality pertaining to objective physical manifestation. In other words, my-focus 2 is our toy box, and my-focus 1 is our play area. 

When people were building this system, they had to create a mechanism that would channel the conscious energy in a particular way, a kind of supply-line of conscious energy if you like. (Note: the universe didn’t come about by chance we built it.) The 4 areas of focus I described before is the supply line. Consciousness does not merely become manifest into a human being, for example. We all have our consciousness-energy supply lines (bio-energetic links) that connect to various constructs in the non-physical background. These constructs had to first be put into place before we could create the finished product, i.e. our entire physical realm. 

Every person has a bio-energetic link that connects to their physical brain via the various energy centres mystics usually call Chakras. That side of things people generally accept. People have created all manner of diagrams over the years and assigned these energy centres different colours and stuff. This is wonderful, because at least there is a region of common non-physical ground that people can largely agree upon. 

But what you don’t hear too much about is where the other end of the link connects. All you typically see on the diagrams is some kind of mysterious energy flowing in from the top of the head, as if it comes in willy-nilly from nowhere. It doesn’t, it is directed through a bio-energetic link. This link connects to the person at one end, and “plugs into” a conscious-energy source at the other. 

The necessary conscious energy doesn’t just come from anywhere. What we did was create a specific area of consciousness that performs this connection and supply process. Everyone’s link (everyone in this system I mean) “plugs into” the same area of consciousness, which I labeled my-focus 4. This is the area of consciousness where everyone’s bio-energetic link terminates, i.e. plugs into their mind. What we call “mind” is nothing to do with the physical brain. Mind is an area of consciousness that we have constructed to serve the purpose of acting as the directing and/or controlling entity we call mind. In other words, “mind” is just another label we have attached to a particular area of consciousness, as we do, for example, with the term Transition Area. 

Ultimately, what I’m trying to get across is these areas of consciousness are “the works” behind our system. They didn’t just come about willy-nilly. It’s not just some remote space that serves merely to enthral people, and create a never-ending source of speculative discussion. These areas of consciousness are part of our whole construction. They exist for specific purposes, to perform specific functions within our wider reality. 

In a building, for example, if you want light you flick a switch. If you want water, you turn on a tap. You don’t see all the workings that sit behind the scenes, all the wires, the pipes, the girders and all that jazz. All these are normally hidden from view by pretty wall panels, ceilings and flooring. 

The physical is much the same. All the non-physical workings that go to servicing the demands of this physical reality are all in the background, and we build-up a pretty perspective for ourselves that is formed not from materials like wood and plaster obviously, but formed from beliefs. 

When we widen our perspective, what we are doing is stripping away all the pretty panels (belief constructs) in order to reveal the raw workings.

A few more thoughts came to mind, which may be helpful either to you. I’ll just type as I think, so here goes:

There are an infinite number of physical-matter experience systems, but all work very similarly. Each system is composed of 4 basic parts. Each part is a particular manifestation of consciousness that is dedicated to performing specific tasks or functions. The 4 basic parts link seamlessly to create the overall structure of our system. We can view the areas of consciousness applicable to these parts. The easiest one for most people to view is the physical. After all, the creation of a physical realm is the end result of the process initiated by the other 3 parts, which are the ones that typically cause the most confusion. 

Non-physical reality is the “norm” for us. It’s where we “live”. We create physical worlds so we can experience them. It should be fun, exciting, a definite adventure. Problem is, within this system, people lost track of their origins and began chasing their own tails. 

When you strip away all the belief constructs the setup is not all that difficult to understand. After all, we were knowledgeable of it before deciding to have this physical experience. “Exploring new terrain” is a notion allied to the belief construct of separateness. Yes, you are absolutely right; it causes people to fall back on all manner of rudimentary beliefs, and I know that feeling only too well. In my early years, I fought in all manner of non-physical wars, grappled with every kind of demon, and slayed dragons galore. Ha ha, how I chuckle about it now. But at the time, hmm, that was serious stuff I thought. 

The reason why Monroe’s work was so brilliant, his later work I mean, is because he was the first person (to my knowledge) who went beyond having mere belief-construct incursions, and began perceiving the areas of consciousness relating to the actual structure of our system. 

“Astral projection” is a belief construct. When people project, what they perceive is a graphical representation of that belief construct. All the notions of astral planes and all notions of sub-divisions, etc., etc., they are all belief constructs. Devils and demons are belief constructs. Near Death Experience “past life reviews” are belief constructs. All religious beliefs, and such like, they too are all belief constructs, along with zillions of others. 

Every thought, every feeling, every emotion, every belief, every idea, and so on, ad infinitum, that has ever been and that ever will be, is held in an area of consciousness I labeled my-focus 2. It’s like a humongous toy-box packed full of every possible variation of human subjective reality, which we have the option of bringing into objective reality, if we so choose. Well, that’s the theory. Problem is, most people fail to realize they have a choice. 

This is where virtually all people (including myself at first) switch their focus of attention (by whatever means) and call it “astral projection” or “mental projection” or whatever variation of projection people happen to choose, when they have a non-physical perception experience that is not to do with the real-time zone.  A person said me was having experiences that didn’t appear to “fit” with the generally accepted norm (i.e. group-consensus construct). So the person in question attached the label “energetic obe”, which is a prime example of the way people attach all manner of labels to these experiences. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be different. Though all manner of problems do tend to come about, when one person or group claims that their differences are more “right” than everyone else’s. However, what all these people invariably fail to realize is, in reality, all they are doing is perceiving graphical representations of their very own belief constructs within the SAME area of consciousness! 

There are all manner of groupings, such as singular consensus, group consensus, mass consensus, and so forth, when it comes to the determining of “astral projection” perception experiences. A mass consensus reality experience would be an action chain (the events these people initiate within my-focus area 2 are called Action Chains) based on belief constructs pertaining to mainstream religion, or mainstream political beliefs, for example. Group consensus experiences are similar to mass consensus but on a smaller scale;  where people subscribe to similar belief-constructs they may have read about in a number of books, and so forth. Individual consensus is where a person thinks of their action chains as being unique in some way, so they attach there own label(s). 

A person may write a book and describe the “astral planes”. People may read the book and something in it harmonizes with them in some way. This, in effect, can cause them to subscribe to the same belief construct. Following which the circumstances, etc., of that construct will begin to bleed into their reality. Reason being, what they do, in effect, is accept a particular construct of subjective reality that is already lodged in my-focus area 2, and then they bring it into the objective reality area of my-focus 1. At which point, the reality of the construct in question can be objectively experienced. Problem is, people do this so naturally and so seamlessly, hardly anyone realizes they are doing it. 

The result being, if enough people enact this process over the same construct, the originator of the construct will gain a “following” of “believers” who will “preach” to others of their “magical experiences” and encourage others to do the same… sound familiar to anyone? 

Each one of us is born instilled with every belief construct that has ever been and ever will be. 

All these constructs are already lodged within the area of my-focus 2, and we all have equal mental access to this area. Note: having mental access to this area, and perceiving the structure of it as a non-physical reality, are two completely different events. 

We all mentally access this area so naturally and so seamlessly, no one realizes they are doing it. That is, of course, until a person learns to perceive the actual structure of this area, at which point they can see the various mental communications that take place. This is something of a revelation to say the least. Plus, it’s a heck of a tricky mental balancing act to perform, and probably one of the most testing exercises in mental gymnastics ever devised, i.e. objectively observing subjective reality. (Well, most testing in our system let’s say). 

Individuals will only experience an infinitesimal fraction of possible belief constructs throughout their physical lifetime. When a person “subscribes” to a particular construct, the details of that construct “bleeds through” into that person’s reality. All manner of influences can cause a person to subscribe to particular beliefs. Parents, books, magazines, mass media, and all that jazz. A person might develop opinions about a particular topic and, say, they chat with others about it. Given a little reinforcement, opinions can so very easily turn to beliefs - at which point they subscribe. 

Then, slowly but surely, the belief construct they subscribed to will bleed into their reality. As it does so, they will take these “bleed though” experiences as confirmation of their original beliefs, i.e. that they were “right” to think that way, and so on. Problem is, they just became a classic example of a walking talking, self-fulfilling prophecy. 

This is the reason why, for example, some people perceive all manner of demons and devils and all that jazz. Whereas, nowadays, I never come across anything even remotely like this. They don’t exist to me, because, years ago, I cancelled my subscription to the “demons and devils” belief construct. Therefore, nothing about that construct can now possibly bleed into my reality. 

This process can work well with physical-realm phenomena. 

Say, half a dozen inventors get together to try to invent some widget. Each will adopt common beliefs about proposed widget-X then go off and study all manner of possibilities. What they are doing, in effect, is subscribing to the belief construct of the manifestation of the widget in question. The details of every widget that was ever manifested is held in my-focus 2. Therefore, what will happen is, slowly but surely, the details of the manifestation of that particular widget will bleed through into their objective reality. Which, once complete, the people in question will say they “invented”. The whole notion of “invention” is, of course, a belief construct. 

Like I say, the process works well within objective reality. Nothing would ever be “invented” without it for a start. Problems arise, however, when people apply this [objective] manifestation process to the non-physical, i.e. subjective reality, in their attempts to switch focus and view non-physical events. What happens is, rather than perceive the non-physical reality of the structure, they wallow in their own constructs about the non-physical reality of the structure. This problem repeatedly arises because people invariably fail to grasp the important differences between objective reality, and subjective reality. 

The overall reason why these kinds of faulty circumstances come about, is because people, in the main, exist in a world of Creative Apartheid. A world where people employ all manner of bizarre mental contortions in an effort to justify the false notion of separation from themselves, and the reality they create. 

People have said many times, “We create our own reality”. Practically, however, people do not comprehend the full gravity of that statement. They pay lip-service to the notion, but in truth they hold it in mind as an ideal; while remaining confused as to how to gain the necessary degree of understanding to allow themselves to attain it. 

In their manner of thinking, they perceive themselves to be creating their own reality within the context of, for instance, getting a better job, or moving house, that kind of thing. Yes, those kinds of actions could be said to be creating one’s reality. But all they are doing is merely skimming the surface. What has yet to dawn on people is the fact that we create ALL our reality! 

I said before this fact is so darned difficult for people to comprehend, they far rather subscribe to the notions of all manner of weird and wonderful God-like figures; said to be instilled with a seemingly infinite variety of magical powers, which they use to create universes, and so forth. But the reality is, there are no gods… we did it, all of us, we constructed it from the base-material we call consciousness. 

You see, again, that’s why Monroe’s work was so darned brilliant. Because he was the very first person (to my knowledge) who stepped outside the realm of the belief constructs and began to perceive the truth of the wider reality; as opposed to merely wallowing in the collective pool of subjective beliefs. 

What Monroe began to observe were the areas that form part of our system’s construction. These areas are not belief constructs. They compose actual non-physical reality. 

Question: This "consciousness" must have originated from a particular source, where do you think this came from? And when you say "consciousness" - do you mean each non-physical being's consciousness or a singular "Consciousness"? What I am getting at is there has to be some beginning where everything sprang up from... don't you agree? 

Terminology at times can be confusing, I admit. I use the term “consciousness” to describe the Base-Material from which everything is constructed. But, as human beings, we also use this word to describe the feeling of being conscious. This base material is what you might call the ultimate element. It is a material that, no matter how great you magnify it, you see that it is made up of nothing else but itself. 

Conventional science has brought itself to theorizing as to its existence. But to give you an idea of what I mean, consider the following: magnify a substance and you see it is made up of all manner of chemicals (say). Magnify it further, and you see these chemicals are made up of different elements. Magnify further still and you see that all these elements are made up of what we call atoms. Magnify yet further, and you see that atoms themselves are made up of even smaller particles. Now, eventually, you reach a point where you come to what I call Base Material. It is a substance that, no matter how much you magnify it, you see that it is made up of nothing but itself. 

Looking backwards along the magnification route, you see that Base Material ultimately forms every physical and non-physical thing in our system. Scientists once thought that atoms took on this role (in the physical realm that is, as they haven’t yet acknowledged fully the non-physical). But then they discovered that atoms themselves were made from even smaller particles. Science will (eventually) discover that all the various layers of ever-smaller particles are ultimately formed from Base Material. 

It is tempting to think in terms of a “source” and I can say everything that is, in our system, was created by us from this Base Material. Plus, from what I can see, it is the source of every other physical realm I have visited within our system. I’ve visited around a hundred-odd other physical realms but the actual number could possibly be infinite. So as you can see, I’m not even scratching the surface. But from people I have met from other systems, with a wider degree of awareness than I have, they say that basically my thinking is along the right lines, i.e. that it follows along the lines of their understanding as well. 

From what I have seen of what we would call primitive societies in our system, they tend to follow along much the same evolutionary path as we did. The width of their focus is very narrow, so they have a limited understanding of their surroundings, with very basic technology, flint axes, living in caves, that kind of thing. If you shift further up the scale, you get the people who have a much wider mental focus than we have. This has allowed them to create what we would call advanced technology. One of the benefits open to them (which we are set to have this century) is they can basically travel between the various timelines within our system. This is much the same as what I am doing now, only the big difference with them is they can do it in a physical sense, not just in a purely mental sense as I do. In other words, they don’t just switch their mental focus, they switch mental focus and their physical self literally goes with them! 

From my experience of interacting with these people, which as I say is quite limited in the wider scheme of things, it would appear they are still manipulating or creating forms out of the very same Base Material as we do. The main difference being, their wider awareness of physical and non-physical reality has enabled them to create all manner of different types of forms, different materials, different power-generation and transportation techniques, and so forth. But ultimately, as I say, everything they create or construct is made from the very same Base Material. 

Of course, this begs the question of where Base Material comes from. The short and simple answer is I haven’t yet come across anyone in our system who knows. I have it on good authority that there are an extremely large number, possibly even an infinite number, of other systems. But to my knowledge, my explorations thus far have been contained within our system. Problem is, even if you would think that there might be a giant emitter somewhere of Base Material. Something must surely be supplying that emitter. So where do these supplies come form? Even if there is a “creator” then who or what creates the creators? 

I just think the whole creation machine has been in operation for SO darned long that no one really knows, or could ever possibly know, how it all began. I mean, when you look at the structure of our system, in terms of system creation it’s all what you might call bog standard. All you need do is think of it as a kind of civil engineering project, only on a much larger scale. In other words, in the wider scheme of things, it’s all fairly straightforward. I know our ancestors were a little in awe, to the extent they thought only some God could be capable of creating a planet or a universe. But no, our capacity for creation goes way beyond double-decker buses and sliced bread. 

If you think of it seriously for a moment: there are an infinite (or near infinite) number of different timelines in our system; and each timeline is an inhabited planet sitting in its own universe; and if there are an infinite (or near infinite) number of other systems... could any one person actually hold an awareness of ALL of it? 

Within my current perception and understanding, and given the restrictions of communicating through language, I just cannot see how such a thing could be possible. But, as always, I keep an open mind. 

Question: Frank, when you say 'a planet each sitting in its own universe', is it your belief, at least as far as you have discovered so far, that our physical earth is the only inhabited physical planet in our system, in our time line that is?

(I'm not refering to other 'earths' in alternate timelines here, although I know what you are saying).Or are there many other physical planets similar to ours scattered around our physical timeline universe as the seti people hope there are?

And concerning 'base material'.. are WE also made up of this stuff? And if 'we' created this system, do we also create each other out of it? 

The word “system” has two connotations here. When I say “our system” I mean the entirety of all that is within our system in the wider sense. This would include all the different planet-earth timelines, as well as our own. Each timeline terminates, if you like, within the region of my-focus area 4. Traditionally, however, the phrase “our system” would only include our planet together with which we see as being our physical solar system. 

For the sake of the discussion, let’s say there are just ten basic timelines. 

So each of these ten timelines is a physical planet Earth-style system. In other words, you have a habitable planet populated by people in a physical sense, just as we are. They have a solar system together with a sun that powers it all. In other words, a single planet, populated by people, hanging out in space with a load of other planets and stars, and a sun giving a natural cycle of night and day. This is what you might call the bog-standard universe model, i.e. the motoring equivalent of a Ford Escort. 

It could well be that somewhere along the line; people have constructed modifications and/or enhancements to this basic model to include, say, a number of populated planets within the same minor system. I have not found any actual evidence of that yet, but as I stressed in my previous post and I do so again here, my explorations thus far have not even scratched the surface. There are an ENORMOUS number of timelines and I personally have explored only about a hundred and fifty. Also, regarding the possibility of other populated planets within our own minor system, again I have no evidence that would suggest there are. As far as I am aware, our system is a bog-standard model.

Now, each minor system or timeline is “separated” from one another due to the fact that it is on a different, what you might call, time-frequency. I put the word separate in double quotes because each minor system is not separate in terms of physical space. But separate in terms of what we would describe as time. It’s like if you were standing in an area of physical space, contained within that area would be loads of different radio frequencies all occupying that same space. Using a radio receiver, we can tune-into whichever radio frequency we want to listen to. Like, if we want to tune into Radio 2 after listening to Radio 1, we don’t have to go anywhere, we just stay where we are and retune the dial. Because all the various frequencies are there, in the same place. 

A similar principle applies with minor systems. They are all basically sitting in the same place, but each one is on a different time frequency. By using our mind, we are able to “tune in” to different timelines. Which is basically what Monroe discovered and what I have managed to expand upon and clarify further. 

Now, taking our example of a major system composed of ten timelines or minor systems: each minor system would have its own Focus-1, obviously, as Focus-1 is the physical; plus its own focus areas two and three…but is connected to the common area of Focus 4. Note: Focus-4 is where all the different timelines in a system “connect” so to speak. 

So to recap our example: we have ten minor systems, which are composed of ten Focus area 1’s, ten Focus area 2’s, ten Focus area 3’s; together with one common Focus area 4 that connects them all. Think of encasing all of this in one sphere and you have “a system” but in a wider sense of it being a major system, not a minor one. Practically, however, within our major system, there are possibly an infinite number of timelines or minor systems. If it’s not infinite then it is a HUGE number put it that way. And that’s just our system. 

It is said there are an infinite number of other (major) systems. If that is the case then the numbers are just so huge they become meaningless. If there are other major systems then all manner of questions come to mind, like, do they operate completely autonomously, or are they all connected in some way? Are they all constructed along the lines of the basic 4-Focus area model, or are they radically different? Do the people look like us? Together with a zillion and one other questions, I’d dearly love to have the answers to. 

Anyhow, in the meantime, as always, I’m keeping an open mind. 

In answer to your final point, yes, we are also constructed from Base Material. As everything within our major system, as far as I can tell, whether it be physical or non-physical, is ultimately made from it. Think of Base Material as a kind of consciousness, only consciousness in its rawest possible form.

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