Here we will teach you to explore afterlife using the Hemi-Sync technology.

For this purpose we will use the Wave 1 – Exercise 1 and 2 only.

You can download the tapes at the links below. Just save them in your computer and then copy in three CDs. 

They are in WAV format and you can download them from DepositFiles:

1) Wave 1 - Track 1:

2) Wave 1 - Track 2: 

3) Edited Version:      

Use first the Exercise 1 until you feel confortable with it. Maybe 3 or 4 times is enough. Then begin with the Exercise 2 with the visualization that Frank gives below

The Track 2 Edited Version does not has the return part at the end. So you can go on with the astral projection. And at the end we added one hour of isochronic tones for mantaining the Focus 10 state. But you must do the normal track 2 exercise several times before try this one.

When you are ready for projecting for real just copy in a CD the Wave 1 Edited Version and do the exercise with the visualization of Frank.

Here are the Frank Kepple instructions on how he used Hemi-Sync for entering afterlife territory:

What is 'Phasing', and how can I do it?

The term “phasing” was originally coined from an idea presented by the author Robert Monroe who spent much of his physical lifetime researching OBE phenomena. His early work, detailed in his first book Journeys Out Of The Body, followed very traditional lines of study. Such that strong parallels can be drawn between his experiences detailed in that book, and the work of the traditional mystics.

However, his later books Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey, published many years later, reveal how his work had progressed to the development and formation of a completely different model of consciousness. His early “locale” concept had been totally replaced by a series of mental Focus Levels. These levels were labeled by using an escalating series of arbitrary numbers. Each level was identified from the mental impressions presented that Monroe categorized and labeled, so that others could follow in his work and duplicate his experiences.

At some point in his experience, Monroe was able to determine the profound truth, that there is no separation within consciousness. Whereas in his early work it felt to him he was “leaving” and “separating” from his physical body in the more traditional sense. His later experiences led him to conclude that he was not “leaving” his body at all. But what he was doing, in his words, was changing the phase relationship between himself and his surroundings. It was from this discovery that the term “Phasing” came into being.

Monroe was an electronics engineer by profession, and it so happens that I too graduated in electronics, so I understand where he was coming from when he talks about phase relationships. You can have two voltages present on the very same wire (you can have many numbers but for this example we’ll have just two). To all intents and purposes, those two voltages are mixed, but at the same time they are separated. What separates these two voltages is the phase-angle relationship between them.

Monroe used this phase-angle relationship idea as an analogy to describe the relationship between the physical or objective layer of consciousness, and the non-physical or subjective layer of consciousness. Each respective area of consciousness occupies the same area in “space” and to all intents, they are mixed but at the same time they are separated. So Monroe figured there was a 180-degree Phase Relationship between the two areas of reality. To him, projection became a case of "switching phase" between the physical and the non-physical.

Phasing, therefore, entails initiating a 180-degree phase shift between the physical and the non-physical realms of reality. The way this is done is rather different from the traditional ways of initiating an “out of body” experience. In fact, Phasing does not incorporate any kind of out of body feelings at all. The normal bodily vehicle can remain and all that changes is a person’s environment.

The key to Phasing is to just let the experience flow. You need to allow yourself to become it, as opposed to trying to go to it, or point to it, with some kind of “method”. Just lay back and simply become it.

The importance of imagination.

The thought occurred to me that maybe beginners were getting the wrong idea thinking that their minds had to be completely void of anything prior to projection.

The beginning phase of projection is all about using your imagination.

Of course, what you have to be completely devoid of is surface thoughts of the kind that generally come across in a verbal way, in your mind. Like, if you read to yourself, there is an inner voice that reads the words to you. Those kinds of thoughts are a bar to projecting.

Igniting the projection reflex involves getting your focal point of awareness up to the top of your head. The place where it needs to be is where your imagination resides. Think about eating your favourite food. At the same time, try and sense *where* in your mind that imagining is happening. Because where that imagining is going on, is exactly where you need your focal point of awareness to be.

In other words, what you need to do is to step into the realms of your imagination, but do it in a controlled way. We will do this by doing a visualization.

I often feel that people don't realize just how close the Astral is to ordinary consciousness. I was quite surprised to find out just how close it is. The Astral actually begins fractionally beyond the border of your imagination, and there is a thin buffer-zone that separates the two. My theory is that, in completely enlightened incarnates, this buffer zone no-longer exists.  

As your focal point of awareness rises with the visualization (it does so quite quickly) you will simply lose all sensation of the physical. So you don't have to pay any attention to the physical body accept to make sure it is comfortable and will remain so for the duration of your projection. Just take a few deep breaths, lie back and relax.

Let`s begin:

The first step is to listen the Hemi-Sync while we do the visualization below. 

Place physical body in a relaxed position, take a few deep breaths and check head and neck is comfy and properly supported. Then I imagine my sense of conscious awareness is drifting upwards to the top of my consciousness cone.

NOTE: I think of human consciousness as if it were contained within a cone. The base level, where the diameter is the greatest, is where all the ordinary thoughts whirl around. The day-to-day clutter that mainly comes across in a verbal way. Analyse these thoughts and you will see they are all to do with the Physical in some way, shape or form.
When we relax our physical-bodies and visualise letting go of the Physical, what happens is our focal point of awareness steadily moves higher up the cone. As such, our thoughts get progressively more contained, and become more visual and more abstract. At the very top of the cone there is the opening to the Astral.
When I say more *abstract* what I mean is the higher up in terms of consciousness you go, whatever it is you are imagining relates progressively less and less to the physical, material world. This happens because you are progressively getting closer to the Astral and moving away from the Physical. (There eventually comes a stage where you lose all sensation of the Physical completely.)
This is why imagination plays a big part: thought is a primary energy; which means that the act of concentrating and imagining a desired result (i.e. Astral contact) will ultimately cause that desired contact to come about.
However, if our focal point of awareness is at the base of the cone, any specific thought-pattern that is released quickly becomes diluted by the huge mass of other thought energy all whirling all over the place. Which means the pattern just scatters into nothingness. Which is why we must first clear our minds before creating the thought-form or pattern we desire.
In letting go of all thoughts to do with the Physical realm, we move our focal point of awareness higher up the cone. What Monroe suggests you do is to visualise a large box. You "raise the heavy lid" and in it you place all your Physical worries, concerns, etc., etc. Then you close the lid and walk away. (Something which I found very effective.)
Once you get higher up the cone, any thought pattern that is created and released stands a far better chance of bringing on the desired effect (Astral contact). Because, 1) there isn't the huge mass of other thought energy to dilute it... and, 2) you are closer to the Astral opening and the walls of the cone are very much narrower.
Therefore, the chances of having that thought-form reach the Astral and still make some kind of sense, is altogether much higher.

Belief plays a large part in this process.

That is because belief primarily affects your expectations. Which, in turn, focuses your intent. The major spoke that can get in the works here, is doubt. Any kind of doubt will affect your beliefs and expectations in a very negative way.

Because I have experienced controlled Astral projection many times, each time I come to project I expect to project which focuses my *intention* to project. This, in turn, creates the requisite thought-pattern of projection. Which, ultimately, causes the actual projection to come about.
So I say to anyone who has been trying to project without success. Take a step back and analyze your beliefs about the whole process, and dig out any doubts that might be lurking in your mind.


I time it so that when I imagine I reach the top of the cone, Monroe says the above.

At the top of my consciousness cone is an attic room. At the opposite side to which I enter there is a doorway marked “Border to the Astral” in large letters. At the centre of the room is a large wooden box. Standing next to the box is Clive, the butler, who helps me lift the lid of the box and remove my Physical sheathe. We open the lid and inside is a lower area containing any Physical-matter concerns, etc. The upper area has a shelf where my Physical sheathe can lie safely until I next collect it.

So I wriggle out of my Physical sheathe to reveal my body of light. Clive takes the sheathe while asking me if I have anything else to deposit in the box (which I hand over as necessary). He lays the sheathe out and we close the heavy lid.

I walk through the doorway marked “Border to the Astral” and step outside into the fresh clean air; the sand underfoot is soft and warm; the atmosphere is comforting; everything feels secure and familiar. I look behind and Clive is standing in the doorway wishing me a safe journey. I thank him for his assistance and he closes the door. On the outside of the door is marked “To C1” in large letters.

Ahead is a pathway composed of inlaid, white stone slabs that contrast with the golden brown of the sand. The path leads to my resonant-tuning pyramid. It’s a pyramid structure, but with a flat top about ten feet square and around 10 feet in height. Each of the four sides has steps from top to bottom. The structure is made of the same stone as the pathway and, to the right of the pyramid, is a large golden-coloured harp.


I time it so that as Monroe instructs the above, I begin climbing the steps to the top of my resonant-tuning pyramid. I sit in the Lotus position, on a large cushion, on the flat top. A helper appears to play the harp and pick the strings that resonate with the sounds on the CD. The whole area vibrates and sings in harmony. Ripples of joy run through me as each string is plucked and my body of light tingles and glows a pure white.


At the point where Monroe says the above, I walk down the front steps of the pyramid, take a few more steps forward, and stand on a large inlaid, white stone slab marked “Declaration Stone”. As I do so, a white mist appears in front of me. When it clears, I see a large round structure has arisen from the sand. I walk down the path to a door marked “Declaration Room”.

I enter the room and I’m right away flanked by two Saintly-looking people each dressed in a pure white silk robe. In front of me is a large crystal Orb that is glowing with an orange/yellow light. Both sides of the Orb, facing me, are 2 more Saint like people that stand as official witnesses to my declaration.

I take a bow and give my declaration. As I do so the Orb begins to pulsate. The colour changes and becomes progressively less orange turning to a brighter and brighter yellow. Then it becomes a pure white as I come to the end of my declaration. At this moment, a door opens to my right. I’m ushered to this doorway and look out. On the ground to my left is a pointed sign, saying “To Focus 3” in large letters. Looking in the direction of the sign I can see the Focus 3 archway in the distance. At the same time, Monroe says, “Now you will move to Focus 3.”

Now Monroe starts the count to Focus 3:

While Monroe is talking, I’m acknowledging what he is saying while walking down the stone path towards the F3 archway. I stand on a stone slab and I look down and see, deeply and clearly engraved in the stone is, “F1”. (Note: this action is timed with the CD, like always.) I acknowledge the engraving on the slab by looking at it for a few moments, and then continue walking. Next I come across another similar slab, only this time the engraving on the stone says, “F2”.

Then I walk forwards towards the F3 archway.

I time it so that as I stand under the large archway, Monroe says, “3” followed by, “relax and enjoy….” etc. At which point I turn around and look back down the path and see the Declaration Room where I just came from. Then I turn to settle into a large reclining chair that is under the archway. I sit down and look into the distance. I can see my F10 hut sitting on top of a plateau area. A steadily inclining white stone pathway leads to my F10 hut.

I relax into the chair and recline it. As I do so, a female helper appears.

Now Monroe starts the relaxation process starting, “Let your jaw relax……” As Monroe directs, the female helper massages my head and facial area while I just lie back and enjoy!

As Monroe begins saying about letting the relaxation process flow into the brain, I get up and thank my helper and she wishes me a successful journey. Now I stand outside the archway looking across to my F10 hut. I Look down and wiggle my toes as Monroe begins saying, “into your toes……….” etc. As Monroe talks about the relaxation flow from the brain, I imagine myself slowly filling up with a kind of liquid that makes me feel vibrant and totally in tune with my surroundings.


Now I begin walking along the white stone path towards my F10 hut. Monroe says, “4” and I time it so that, at that point, I’m standing on a slab engraved with “F4” in large letters at the top. I look down and acknowledge that I am at F4 by looking at the engraved figures for a few moments. Then, still standing still on the slab, I do the observation and relaxation exercises as Monroe prompts.

Then I walk forwards some more, and I time it so that when Monroe says, “5” I’m standing on a slab marked “F5”. There I do the exercises Monroe suggests, then do the same with, “6”; “7” and “8”. First acknowledge the engraving on the slab; do the exercises as per Monroe’s prompting; and when Monroe is silent between counts, continue walking down the path. (Obviously it takes a short while to learn the CD and get the timing absolutely right.)

After “9” I continue up the path and arrive at the foot of some stone steps, which lead upwards to the plateau on which my F10 hut is situated. I walk up the steps and see, about 30 yards ahead, is the entrance to my F10 hut. Between this is another embedded stone slab engraved with a large “F10” at the top. I walk forwards, stand on the slab and look down acknowledging the engraved “F10”. At this moment, Monroe says, “10”. Then I go through the prompted exercise, just like before with the previous slabs.

Then Monroe repeats the number “10” several times, during which I’m walking towards the entrance of my F10 hut. I open the door, enter the hut, and close the door behind me. I stand for a moment and Monroe says, “Relax and be calm and comfortable in Focus 10”.

On the opposite wall to the door I came in, is a large opening through which is Focus 12 (and on to the Astral proper). The scene through the opening is like a beach on the sea with a clear night sky, with the deep blackness. Sometimes I just stand and admire the view, listening to Monroe’s voice on the CD. Or I may leave the hut and fly around. But not too far as it’s easy to get carried away and lose the fact that this is an exercise. (Unless you are using the Edited version).

(With the Edited version just omit the Return part. From here you must just stay Noticing while listen the Isochronic Tones until you phase into the F21 3D-Blackness. You can find the explanation of the Noticing exercise below).

The return:

On one wall of my F10 hut is a door marked “Direct Return to C1” On Monroe’s prompt, “You will return now to full Physical waking reality, as I count from 10 down to 1” I open the door, walk through into the large tunnel and close the door behind me.


Then Monroe says, “10” and I look at the door I just walked through, seeing it has “Entry to F10” written on it, in large letters. Then I start jogging down the tunnel and come to a door marked with a large figure “9”. I quickly go through it (no need to close as it’s spring loaded). Jogging along the descending tunnel I come to a similar door marked “8” then “7” then “6” and onto doorways 5, 4 and 2. (Have to be quick here as Monroe doesn’t give you much time, but this does greatly add to the effect).

Going through doorway “2” I see the opening of the tunnel. I emerge next to the C1 door I stepped out of originally. The C1 door is open and Clive is beckoning me to hurry. He has my Physical sheathe ready which I step into quickly. He welcomes me back and asks if I’d like to take anything else from the box. I say, “Leave it, no time” and I descend quickly to ordinary waking consciousness at the bottom of my consciousness cone. This happens just after Monroe says, “1”. (I always think, “Phew, just made it!”)

Monroe then prompts, “wake up, open your eyes…..” etc. So I do as prompted, in that I actually open my eyes, breathe deeply, and stretch my legs and arms, exactly as Monroe instructs.


The CD 3 – Edited Version has an introduction of five minutes of binaural beats. Then you will hear a sound (tic tac) and then there is 45 seconds until it says: GO NOW TO YOUR ENERGY CONVERSION BOX. Lie down and wriggle around a bit to get comfortable, maybe your knee is itching and your hair is tickling your ear or something. So you’ll sort all that out and just concentrate on breathing gently during the five minutes of binaural beats. Then the tic tac sound marks the begining of the visualization of the consciousness cone.

At the end of the visualization you will be at the beach observing the deep darkness. Now you make the transition from there to the blackness that is behind your eyes. You are not visualizing now but observing the darkness behind your eyes. From here you must do the Noticing Exercise while you listen the isochronic tones.


Noticing what?

Well, nothing at first, there’s not much to see really but blackness. But then, after a short while, I may see that perhaps one part of the blackness is not quite so black. Perhaps there was just a brief flash of something, then maybe a sensation of a movement somewhere else. Maybe I just heard someone call my name. Hmm, that’s interesting, I might think, I wonder where that came from. But I don’t get too curious I just keep noticing. I might see swirling areas of not quite so black as the rest. I might see flashes of this and that. As I am offering myself these images, my attention is steadily becoming more fixated within.

As my attention becomes fixated within, from the act of noticing, at this stage I am not aware of my physical body. Part of my awareness realizes that somewhere in the background is a physical body, in bed, etc. but I have phased away from it. Before, the forefront of my awareness was my physical and 180 degrees turned around from that, in the background of my awareness, was the non-physical. But now there has been a “phase shift” i.e. a turning through 180 degrees. Now, my previous foreground (physical) is my background, and my previous background (non-physical) is my foreground.

This is what is meant by “phasing” because you cause a 180-degree Phase Shift between the non-physical and the physical. As I say, Monroe first coined the term as he was an electronics engineer and he was picturing it like it were two voltages, 180 degrees out of phase with each other. Hence he coined the term Phasing. But I guess people generally have difficulties picturing two voltages 180-degrees out of phase with each other. So, instead, imagine a revolving door that is the entrance to a building. Any old building, it doesn’t matter.

You are standing outside the building. So the “outside” is your reality. You are aware of a reality that exists inside the building, but is closed to you by the door. Now, go through and turn the door 180 degrees and stop (oh, in case anyone doesn’t know there are 360 degrees in a circle, so 180 degrees is half a circle). Now, you are inside the building. So the “inside” is your reality. You are aware of a reality that exists outside the building, but it is closed to you by the door. Now again go through and turn the door by 180 degrees, and stop. So now, the “outside” is your reality again.

Each time you go though the door and turn through 180 degrees, there is a 180-degree “phase shift” between your awareness of the outside and your awareness of the inside, in terms of your reality.

Okay, so as my attention becomes fixated within, from the act of noticing, this causes a 180-degree phase shift between my awareness of the physical (outer) and my awareness of the non-physical (inner) sense of reality. So from then on, I continue to notice anything that may come about. I’m not all that curious, I’m not trying to make anything happen, I’m not enacting some kind of method or technique, I’m simply looking within and noticing what is taking place, and the act of doing that is focusing my attention.

As a person focuses their attention within themselves, through the action of noticing, they allow themselves to view “snippets” of other dimensions of reality. This action is translated objectively as the perception of flashes of all manner of this and that, random images that come and go, all kinds of spurious sounds, and so forth. Sometimes these snippets can form what I call 'astral screens' where you objectively perceive something similar to a cinema screen effect in front of your non-physical field of vision, complete with moving images and sounds. What is happening is that you are objectively offering yourself snippets of other dimensions of reality. If you then decide to step into these scenes, you will find yourself in that 'location', within that particular region of consciousness.

I think, ultimately, what people who follow the Phasing approach need to be realizing is: the other dimensions of reality only seem to be objectively separated. But in reality, there is no separation in consciousness. We place a veil between the place we call “here” and the place we call “there” for the purposes of our experience. However, all these dimensions of reality are all affecting, entwined, and exchanging energy with us within every moment of our existence! It’s just that we objectively CHOOSE not to view this action.

By following the action of noticing, what you are saying to yourself is: “Okay, self, I would like to objectively choose to view this action for a while.” 


Certain aspects of the explanation that Frank writes about seems to be confusing people slightly… so we’ll try our best to fully explain the process and hopefully you can apply some of this knowledge to your own practices.

First, the entire point of the noticing exercise, as Frank puts it, is to “become fixated within”. That’s really the end goal, as THAT is where the non-physical lies… within us. It’s nothing exterior that you “go to”.

So, how do we “become fixated within” by using the Noticing exercise? That’s where the actual NOTICING part comes in. You can’t just sit/lie there and “look” at the blackness, because that will do absolutely nothing and you’ll eventually become frustrated thinking that it’s not working for you. You need to actually do something for this to work! Just like a binaural beat won’t project you automatically unless you do the actual work yourself… you won’t Phase with Noticing unless you actually Notice!

Now, here’s the confusing part… “to notice” is something you have to actively do… HOWEVER, you have to remain “passively aware” while actively noticing. I know, that sounds confusing… well, lemme describe how “I” notice and I’ll go from there.

When I actually get to the part of my routine when I begin “Noticing”, I stare into the blackness… it’s the same blackness that you see when you close your eyes. It’s just blackness (however nonuniform it may look). My goal is to notice any changes that happen within the blackness that is in my field of view. It can be literally anything, as Frank put it, it could be a flash of something, or perceiving some kind of movement in the blackness… when you begin to see ANYTHING (again, do not outright dismiss anything you see) consciously zero in on it. Your goal is to “Passively Observe”… this means (and this is VERY IMPORTANT) to keep an air of curiosity about what you’re seeing. As I see this stuff, I kind of talk to myself while observing it, but I do so without actually talking verbally or thinking it.

To explain that last part… take a piece of paper, this piece of paper is going to represent the “blackness behind your eyes”. Draw a single dot in the middle of that page then hold that page up to your face and stare at the dot (it’s okay to allow the dot to become unfocused). The dot represents your fixated gaze (depending upon how closely you’re holding the paper to your face, you could see two dots) within the blackness (or in this case the whiteness of the paper)… now, consciously take in the rest of what you can see of the paper, but don’t actually look around, use your peripheral vision. Try to see any irregularities in the paper… there might be a spec of something somewhere, or a small crease somewhere else that you didn’t notice before and you might be noticing that the paper isn’t uniformly white and you begin to focus in on these new-found items of interest. Notice these irregularities and retain that air of curiosity regarding them. Become consciously curious about each and every aspect that you notice in the paper… the more you do this, the more you begin to forget about the physical world around you and the more your consciousness shifts within what you’re gazing at. This is the act of becoming fixated within.

So now that you’ve just done that with a piece of paper and with your eyes open… close your eyes, visualize that dot in front of you… and do it again, this time staring at the blackness behind your eyes instead of a white piece of paper. Remember to NEVER verbalize or think about the things you’re seeing and noticing… try to keep that “air of curiosity” about it all.

Alternatively, you could also do the “piece of paper” thing without the dot in the middle… and just allow your eyes to slowly drift around the page. This also works well as you’re not too focused on sticking your eyes to a single place and the slow movement of the eyes still feels natural. Then translate that over to the “blackness behind your eyes” and just allow your eyes to slowly drift around. Either should work just fine as long as you’re actually passively observing. 

One more thing in regards to Noticing. You don’t just “notice” something and then move onto the next thing… it’s a kind of “build-up” exercise. Each time you notice something, it builds upon the focus that you’ve already put moving into the blackness. The more you notice, the more you move within… and the more you remove yourself from this physical reality.

The shift into Focus 12, where you start to really get visuals should takes anywhere between 10 – 20 minutes. If you don’t get it after 20 minutes, then you know that your heart just isn’t in it for that session and go do something else. But, give yourself whatever time you feel is necessary. It can take a while. Just remain relaxed and calm.

Once you do attain a solid Focus 12 and can hold it for a good period of time without losing it, the next shift to Focus 21 will more than likely happen naturally from a solid Focus 12. You simply have to drive your consciousness within just a bit more… the big point here though is that it’s nothing you can force. You have to ALLOW yourself to do this shift. From Focus 21, you can pretty much go and do whatever you want simply by visualizing the area you want to go to.


We’ll type up a quick overview, then go through each step in more detail:

1 - Stretch your eyes out… close them really tightly for a few seconds.  Do this a few times.  Then rotate them around several times, making sure they’re completely stretched out… I’ll give them a good rub too.

2 - Listen the Edited Version with the visualization of Frank. At the end when the isochronic tones begin you will do the Noticing Exercise.

3 - Should you begin to see floating, formless shapeless blobs in front where you’re fixated, this signifies you’re now in Focus 12.

4 - Keep “Noticing” the formless shapes floating around and eventually, without trying (just allow this next part to happen), you should find yourself engulfed within the 3D Blackness of Focus 21.

Ok, so let’s drop into more detail!

The first thing you will do is stretch out your eyes… this helps to relax them and allows them to stay closed easier.  You’ll do this by closing them tight for a few seconds, then release.  Do that a few times.  Then rotate your eyes around in whatever direction you wish.  But try to stretch them as far out in each direction as you can. Now your eyes are stretched out nicely (they should feel a lot more relaxed at this point).

Listen the Edited Version with the visualization of Frank. At the end, hopefully, you should be in Focus 10.  You’ll know by the greatly reduced bodily sensations and a general sense of relax and calmness about you.  I want to point out here that your body WILL NOT be asleep at this point… and really, it never will.  You’ll simply be disassociating your focus from everything physical.  I can put it this way… at this point, your focus will be roughly only 20% in the physical and 80% within the non-physical at this time.

From here, we’ll start Frank`s “Noticing” exercise.  You’re going to continue fixating on a point in the middle of the blackness and you’re going to just “notice” and passively observe what’s going on in your field of view.  It’ll start with blackness, or you might, right away, start to see abstract shadows and areas within your field of view that will begin to shift and move around… keep “noticing” these things.  The more you “notice” this stuff occurring in front of you, the deeper you’ll shift your focus into it and the more you’ll remove your focus from the physical.  When this happens, you’ll roughly be 10% in the physical and 90% in the non-physical.

Now, there will come a point when you’ll feel a shift… and you might find yourself within a scene or some kind, or floating in what’s best described as a 3D Blackness.  When this happens, try to remain passively observing… you’re now in Focus 21.  Congrats, you’ve now phased your consciousness as close to 100% as you can go.  You still might retain some sensations of the physical, but that’s normal.

Please, go to the next link and read all the questions and answers for clearing all your doubts. Do not use the Track 2 Edited version to step into the astral until you read it all. 

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