Scarcely 500 years ago Mariners like Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan revealed a New World that had always existed beyond the edge of humankind’s flat earth beliefs. Other Explorers, often led by native guides, mapped the wonders and immensities of what had once been a Great Unknown. Later came ships filled with people whose fear of the edge had been erased by knowledge of the New World’s existence. They arrived with the hope of one day living in complete freedom.

In the late 1950’s Robert A. Monroe, another Mariner, began having spontaneous Out of Body Experiences that at first led him to fear he might be dying. After overcoming his fear Monroe began exploring the nonphysical world. Bob Monroe was certainly not the first Mariner to explore human existence beyond the physical world, but he was a pioneer by his discoveries. Like Columbus and Magellan before him, Monroe made charts and maps of the New World he discovered before he died. There are many Explorers who have been using Bob’s techniques to push back the edge of another Great Unknown. They’ve found an inhabited New World where people have been living beyond death all along. Monroe, now living in the Afterlife, has become a native guide leading some of us to its wonders and immensities.

The fear of death we carry is erased by Knowledge of what lies beyond our physical world’s horizon. We want you to know you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for what the Afterlife is. You can explore There yourself and learn from your own direct experience. There you might discover not just hope, but knowledge.

Now you can explore afterlife by yourself. What perceptual skills are required? The perceptual skills required to explore the Afterlife are so ridiculously simple the hardest part is believing you’re doing it.


The most important thing that will facilitate your learning is a piece of audio technology called, Hemi-Sync. In Robert Monroe’s exploration of human consciousness, he discovered and developed this technology. He found that specific patterns of sound could shift one’s focus of attention to specific altered states of consciousness. These sound patterns have nothing to do with subliminal suggestion. They are mixtures of pure audio tones which affect the brain wave frequency patterns of human beings. With the cooperation of the person listening to these sound patterns, both hemispheres of the brain work in unison. Robert Monroe and The Monroe Institute (TMI) developed specific sound patterns which promote a conscious shift of one’s focus of attention to levels of awareness in which we are normally unconscious. Within each of these foci of attention, access to different, specific areas of human conscious can be reached and utilized.


You do not have to follow anyone else’s beliefs. You do not have to change your diet, bow to a guru or join a cult. All you have to do is utilize the Hemi-Sync technology.  We will teach you how to use this technology here.

All afterlife`s explorers have found and discovered the same thing. There are many persons that replicated the work of Monroe. One of them was Frank Kepple. Frank not only confirmed the discoveries of Monroe but he did new ones.

This page is dedicated to show the discoveries of Frank Kepple. However we have included some writings of Robert Monroe and Bruce Moen.

But you do not have to believe all what they say. Now you can replicate their work. In this page you will find all the information to explore afterlife territories.

Let`s begin the adventure.

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